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Bob Lazar still defends Area 51 UFO info 25 years later

KLAS investigative reporter George Knapp introduced the world to the top secret military installation known as Area 51 when he interviewed Bob Lazar twenty-five years ago. On the anniversary of that interview, Knapp convinced Lazar to come to Las Vegas to discuss Area 51 again, and he even toured the Area 51 exhibit at the National Atomic Testing Museum.

Bob Lazar. (Credit: KLAS)

Bob Lazar. (Credit: KLAS)

In 1989, Lazar claimed he worked on reverse-engineering alien technology at a secret facility called S-4 that was built into a mountainside just south of Area 51’s main site. He alleges he was booted from working at Area 51 after it was discovered that he had leaked information to friends, informing them of where they could watch test flights of the advanced extraterrestrial technology on which he was working. Critics dismiss his claims, citing the lack of supporting evidence, including the lack of employment and education records. But Lazar, who asserts the government erased his records, stands by his claims.

The CIA only recently declassified Area 51. NBC News contacted Lazar for a statement. But he was less than impressed with the news. He commented, “That’s a minuscule baby step forward . . . Maybe a decade from now they’ll acknowledge there’s an S-4.”

Although Lazar’s story is the same twenty-five years after his initial interview with Knapp, he really doesn’t care if anyone believe him or not. He is not trying to convince anyone, and he has tried to leave UFOs in his past. In the recent interview, he explains to Knapp:

Look, I’m not out there giving UFO lectures, producing tapes. This is not a business of mine. I am trying to run a scientific business, and if I’m the UFO guy, it makes it really difficult, it is to my benefit that people don’t believe the story.

Area 51 warning signs.

Area 51 warning signs.

Lazar and his wife currently run a scientific equipment and supply store in Michigan called United Nuclear.

There is no questioning the extraterrestrial business at Area 51 in Lazar’s mind. As he tells Knapp, “Look, I know what happened is true. There is no doubt. Period.”

About Jason McClellan

Jason McClellan is a UFO journalist and the producer/co-host of the web series Spacing Out! He is also the web content manager and staff writer for OpenMinds.tv, and a co-organizer and technical producer of the International UFO Congress. As a founding member of Open Minds, Jason served as a writer and editor for the now defunct Open Minds magazine. He has appeared on Syfy, NatGeo, and, most recently, he co-starred on H2's Hangar 1: The UFO Files. ------ Follow Jason on Twitter @acecentric and subscribe to Jason's updates on Facebook.


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    Lazar to me always seemed very credible. He passed my sound test. As to his non-existent records of employment and education, it’s relatively easy for the CIA and its sister agencies to disappear a person’s documents.

    Lazar could be telling the truth.

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    Its so up in the air its too much. His claims that the government hid all his details COULD be true, but has anyone found people who where in his classes in his uni courses he claimed to do? No. End of story. The government can scrub files, but they cant silence everyone who could substantiate the loon if true.G’night.

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    Lazar is very interesting. He passed several polygraph tests. There is some evidence that Lazar is a real deal. The newspaper article that states ,,Lazar physicist at LANL”. His W2 form that clearly shows he worked for ,,Department of naval intelige nce” that includes a zipcode which is classified! Phonebook from Los Alamos registered him as an employe. Mike Thigpen was an agent witnessed by several people in Lazars house making random security check. For what reason he would be doing it if Lazar wasnt working at least at Area 51 if even not at S-4? George Knapp gave Lazar a quiz by a guy who previously worked at Area 51 (and can prove it) about random things. How you pay for meals at the cafeteria? What is the colour of cafeterias main hall etc. And Lazar passed. He knew what he was talking about. How did he know if he wasnt working there? There are a LOT of things here and there that speaks out for Lazar. Im very frustrated with Stanton Friedman and his video about Lazar on youtube. He get most of the things wrong.

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    Nice to see any contrary comments are deleted!!! You’ll go far being one sided!!

    p.s best delete this too, hide anything that disagrees with your ‘opinion’

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    Lazar is a PSYOPS victim and/or liar and/or not sane and/or a high-IQ savant w/brain defect. He may have seen and touched faked ET-UFO’s without understanding the PSYOPS aspect. Reverse engineering can be PSYOPS too.

    I certainly believe Lazar knows there are 3D UFO Sky-image projections or aerial objects that mimic the idea of ET-UFO’s but are only man-made. Otherwise, he is a useful patsy unwittingly so or not.

    Or, Lazar is a believer and/or unable to understand reality regarding ET-UFO’s. Millions of people “believe” and some with very high-IQ’s become “crazy” and insane about it. I think it is related to a savant brain defect that is very often found in people with high-IQ’s. Lazar is probably that type, or he is a sociopath, IMO.

    ET never crash landed on planet Earth. Only HUMANS crash their UFO’s. Think about it… ;)

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    Will you please consider leaving my following comment up? I know it is your your blog but for fairness, I ask you to please consider it.

    Are you open to differing opinions or at least allowing people to do their own research as to to Bob Lazar’s credibility? Isn’t that the fair and scientific way to approach any subject? There are at least three very well documented investigations into Lazar, his background, education, timeline and claims. I was involved as a lead researcher on one but I don’t want to push any research or agenda. I strongly suggest that anyone interested in Lazar do a simple ‘google’ search and follow the research — especially his claimed timeline vs. factual timeline from his high school graduation to his 1989 interview. This widely available research should help anyone in their determination of Lazar’s claims.

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    I’ve always loved this. i’m a believer too. the only thing I dont understand fully is how he went into such great detail on what he did and certain technology he worked with and never felt threatened. from what i recall, most people who worked/work at area 51 cant say a word. I wonder how he got away with it for so long with no consequence

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    Danny, if everything he says is true, which I’m not convinced, but by having your name runned through the mud, MIT degrees erased, no job with or at area 51/S-4, his company being investigated/charges filed against… doesn’t say to me that there are no consequences… one of the posters said to do some research and you find contradictions in his theories, but as for the U.S. Gov’t, they can look at this and say, “well, there is enough evidence that people can find holes and not believe his story. as such, there is nothing more we need to do.” where people whose stories are more credible COULD be erased completely…

    as for those who disagree with his explanation of how the fuel works or how his knowledge of physics is implied, WHAT IF, what if there are things in space, that defy our idea and laws of physics? maybe they do not conform to our law of physics but maybe that’s because our law of physics is as outdated today (in space) as our idea that the world was flat in the 1400s…

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    Having lived in Rachel, Nevada just over the mountains from groom lake, I have heard a lot pro and con.
    He should be hypnotized into remembering some names. Teacher’s names. School names. No one has found “Mariani”
    Or “Duxler”.No one saw or heard of him at “north ridge “college. Not only are the records missing, so is his memory.
    The “hanger doors “are too shallow of an angle in real geography on google earth at “S-4″ papoose lake.
    Besides, there are plenty of Joshua trees hundreds of years old that sit all over Lazar’s “Secret Saucer Hanger” doors.
    ( Not likely to just fold-up when the doors slide open).much of what he knows may have been prepped from John Lear .

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    As far as I know, Lazar has never altered his story. In fact, Area 51 exists as well as the Janet flights that brings employees from Las Vegas to Area 51 and back. Why shouldn’t there be a secret installation called S4 hidden within the natural landscape of that enormous facility?

    What I don’t believe is that Lazar is a physicist with a degree from MIT. There must have been someone, a former classmate or whoever went to MIT at that time, remembering Lazar. What also made me suspicious is the way he talked about his graduation year: “Let me think, it must have been in 1982.” Anybody graduating from college or Uni, not just the ones from MIT, know their classes by heart. That is why I don’t believe Lazar has even attended college. I think he is a very smart guy with a professional background as technician or electrical installer.

    In any research facility there are PhD physicists and high-profile engineers, but there are also always some technicians with hands-on mentaility. I believe Lazar worked at Area 51, however not as a physicist but rather as a technician. Taking a look at his paycheck from the classified Dept. of Naval Intelligence shows that he didn’t make nowhere near the salary any MIT graduate would make. Instead the paycheck could have been issued for some minor installation works carried out by Lazar.

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    25 years ago, Lazar’s description of the Physics is consistent and the first time he matter-of-factly described the workings of the craft he saw actually surprised me because the way he described how the craft moved by “falling” into the gravity it generated actually made perfect sense. Now, after 25 years, the fact that he is still alive and giving interviews shows that he is obviously and intentionally used as the “fall guy” for the “leak” to the public in order to test the reaction of the public on any official ET disclosure. Bob Lazar realized and he also said rightly deduced that most people “…are morons…”; and hence the US Secret Government has proven their theory that the vast majority of people really “…are morons…” and will not be able to accept or “handle the Truth” even if told the bare Truth after 25 years elapsed for it to sink in. Now, having proven that the stupid and religiously-inclined masses can never handle the Truth that all of humanity is just a speck of dust in this vast Universe (with hundreds of Billions of Galaxies, each galaxy with an average of 100 Billion stars, why do the mass of Neantherdal-like people out there still think we must be God’s special creation??), the rational US Secret Government can continue to develop new (Alien) technologies and plan for a (healthier, saner & genetically superior) breakaway civilization to travel to the stars. Let the rest of the Neantherdal-like breeds of human races continue fighting on this over-populated, polluted planet filled with crazy religious fanatical types (e.g. ISIS and jihadists blow themselves and Earthly society up). When those left behind of current messy Earth has wiped themselves out, perhaps the Breakaway Civilization can return to Earth to populate it and create a healthier human lineage. Think about it, why would any intelligent human want to bring forth Star-Travel technologies now and bring all the rest of the billions of Middle-Easterners, Indians, Latinos, Chinese, Mexicans, Africans etc. to the Stars and then create the same types of political wrangling and ego-maniacal characters into interstellar space, when we can’t even resolve all these conflicts on our little planet for the past thousands of years of history? Once every nation can travel to the stars, it would only create more ugly Billions of self-centered humans to devour other planets, right? Its never enough for the current breed of humans. Therefore, the Secret Government is right to keep tabs on this Alien technology and should rightfully create the Breakaway Civilization hopefully before current human society blows itself up from either financial collapse, ecological disasters, nuclear or biological war, meteorite impact etc. or some other form of existential threat. So long folks!

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