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Three Alleged International UFO Crashes

They allegedly came from Space, appeared metallic, and prompted official investigations. Were the mystery objects downed in Canada, Bolivia, and Russia genuine UFOs or some sort of secret space probes? There are dozens of reported downed UFOs around the globe—some better documented and more credible ...

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Presentation: Steven Spielberg, Ufologist

Phoenix MUFON Online Speaker Series Steven Spielberg: Ufologist – Livestream presentation by Alejandro Rojas Close Encounters of the Third Kind was one of Spielberg’s first hit movies. What you may not know is that Spielberg based the film on real UFO research conducted by the ...

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The Strange Time-Warp Case of Corporal Armando Valdés

Most countries have a single UFO case that seems to overshadow all others in terms of fame, longevity, and controversy. For instance, the U.S. has the Roswell incident and England has the Rendlesham Forest close encounters. The country of Chile is no different, where the ...

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