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Open Minds Production, LLC. is a research-based organization with a mission to investigate and report evidence of extra-terrestrial, UFO, and other phenomena to a global audience. To do this, Open Minds utilizes a website, a magazine, a radio show and a video programming.

OpenMinds.tv is the hub for news relating to the alien/UFO phenomena. The site provides daily news updates, articles and exclusive photos, videos, merchandise and investigations.

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    A few weeks ago you did an interview with Lakita Adams of NC about sky anomalies off the coast of NC from Wilmington to Myrtle Beach SC. Consider this an unofficial week long investigation…we went down to Oak Island NC last week for a vacation…we go there every fall for a getaway and for the past few years see something every trip. When we go we sit on the beach at nite fishing. I will describe what we saw day to day…on tues nite we saw what we think was the ISS at approx. 7:55 pm but have looked and cant confirm it yet..from what we could determine all week between 830 andm930mwemsaw military flares…in different patterns..will inform u ifmu want to know…and these were every nite..what I wanted to tell u about was whatwe couldnt explain…..on wed the 8th we saw something that seemed t rise from the ocean …separate into 3 different objects come back together then fade out…but the best way to describe itmwasm3mred plasma type forms…orbs but non symetrical….the next nite we saw another..plasma ball rise from the water….keep in mind at a far, horizon distance…grow larger and fade away…friday nite we saw 2 objects in the sky…white yellow…paired close together..moving realitively fast then fade to nothing..I will lookminto satelites but bottom line is…yes military runs flare exercises every nite but there is something more thereni think and I hope it warrents to you guys to further investigate whats going on. Even after talking to others down there that are people makingmconverstion, they seemthe same things…hope its worth a look and thank yall for all you do. PERMANENT LISTENER.
    Mark Gardner
    Basset, VA

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    I had an experience when I was a child, the proof is in the video when I was operated in my left shoulder.

    Is too long for me to write it, I had two more emperies in Alaska, one in Fairbanks and the other in the tundra in the north slope about 90 miles south of Barrow, Alaska.

    Julian Ferreras
    P.O. Box 895
    Barrow, Alaska 99723

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