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Yvonne Smith – Alien Abductions at the Hotel del Coronado – August 25, 2014

Yvonne-Smith-hsOpen Minds UFO Radio: Yvonne Smith is a hypnotherapist and has been one of the leading researchers of alien abduction for decades. She has made many media appearances, and has been at the forefront of the topic. She founded the Close Encounter Research Organization (CERO) in 1991 to help inform the public on the phenomenon and to provide support for those who feel they have experienced alien abduction.

Yvonne has recently released a new book, Coronado: The President, The Secret Service and Alien Abductions. The book chronicles her investigation of strange events that took place during a conference in 1994 at the famous Hotel del Coronado, which she hosted. During the conference, U.S. President Bill Clinton gave a talk in another part of the hotel. Over the years, Yvonne has uncovered evidence that some of the attendees of the conference may have been abducted, despite the heavy presence of secret service personnel due to the president’s visit. We talk to Yvonne about her work and her new book.

For more about CERO, Yvonne, and her new book, visit: CEROInternational.com.

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    I offered support for the one person I found who claims to have been abducted. Ask yourself why all abductions are of people who are related to NASA employees or related to people in the military industrial complex. It’s not a coincidence. I offered the person I know information from Billy Meier which explains it and she said it made COMPLETE SENSE. And she hasn’t been abducted since. So if this lady really wants to help (as a opposed to just writing books about it) she would do the same.

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    Sheila, my father and I were abducted, and we are not connected to any military group. What I am finding is there are very few “absolutes” in the attempt to explain abduction.

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    I just wanted to thank OpenMinds for providing a place where experiencers/witnesses can find comfort in the stories of others who share similar experiences. I’m starting to believe that maybe I’m not going insane. THANK YOU!!!

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