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Travis Walton

Linda Howe

Introducing the Open Minds UFO Video Portal

The portal provides you with several viewing options, which includes the following:

  • One-time rentals
  • Digital download purchases
  • Subscriptions that give you access to all videos in the portal
New content is added every month, so check back often.

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If watching UFO videos on your computer doesn’t interest you, we also sell DVDs in the Open Minds store.

Currently available UFO videos

AJ Gevaerd

Antonio Huneeus

Carol Rosin

Daniel Sheehan

Donald Schmitt

Francis Barwood

George Filer

Jim Marrs

John Alexander

Kathleen Marden

Leslie Kean

Linda Howe

Lloyd Pye

Paul Hellyer

Michael Schratt

Nancy Talbott

Nick Pope

Paul Hellyer

Rainbow Eagle

Richard Dolan

Robert Dean

Stan Romanek

Travis Walton

Phil Schneider
The Phil Schneider Story
An Open Minds original video segment from Open Minds Investigates: Volume 2