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UFO files reveal British Ministry of Defence monitors anti-gravity research

In the recent batch of UFO files released by the UK National Archives, among the masses of letters sent to the British Ministry of Defence (MoD) asking about extraterrestrials, one also asks that the MoD to release the truth about anti-gravity technology that is being hidden from the public. The MoD boffins replied that they do not currently have any anti-gravity projects, but they are aware of and monitor research in this field.

Anne Moffat

Anne Moffat

The letter in question is quite lengthy and asks that the truth about extraterrestrials and anti-gravity being hidden from the public be revealed. It was sent in January of 2009 to Anne Moffat, a Scottish Labour Party politician, who was then a member of the British Parliament. She forwarded the email to the MoD for a response. The files show that someone in the MoD then asked the science division for help answering the bit on anti-gravity.

The reply was rather interesting. They wrote:

Although the MoD is aware of anti-gravity and gravity modification research, the Department does not currently have any research programmes into this field. The MoD does continue [to] monitor these types of development through our Horizon Scanning activities to assess whether such technologies could be of any benefit to defence in the future.

The letter also suggested that the reader review an article on anti-gravity written by a member of the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), a science department of the MoD. The referenced article was not attached, and the link appears to be of a file that resides on the UK government’s internal network. Ultimately, any discussion of anti-gravity did not make it into the standard UFO response that was sent to Moffat.


Correspondence on anti-gravity inside MoD. (Credit: UK National Archives)

However, further research does show that Dstl has shown some interest in some of the more controversial theories on anti-gravity. This is all part of what they call Horizon Scanning. One Dstl document defines Horizon Scanning as:

The systematic examination of potential threats, opportunities and likely developments including but not restricted to those at the margins of current thinking and planning. Horizon scanning may explore novel and unexpected issues as well as persistent problems or trends.

Nick Pope, who ran the MoD UFO Desk from 1991 to 1994, elaborates on this idea:

This all has to do with the philosophy of looking at ‘low probability/high impact’ areas, where the chances of a breakthrough discovery are slim, but the payoff is huge if something does turn up. So the philosophy is that you have to be in the game. The other aspect of this is that the only thing worse than not making a game-changing discovery is for somebody else to make it, especially if it’s an unfriendly foreign nation. This is another reason why governments look at ‘weird stuff’ like UFOs, remote viewing, invisibility and anti-gravity.

In a Dstl document from 2005, created by R.L. Jones, some of these technologies are explored. The technologies are called “outside of the box,” and “high-risk high-gain developments.” Some of the anti-gravity technologies include gravity shielding, the Casimir effect, and asymmetric capacitors, also known as the Biefled-Brown effect. The later is explored more in-depth in what is referred to as “lifter” technology.


Dstl Lifter design. (Credit: UK National Archives)

Lifters are simple devices made out of wire, balsa wood, aluminum foil, and a high-voltage output device. It is argued that these devices demonstrate the Biefeld-Brown effect, and prove this to be an anti-gravity technology. However, it is also suspected the lifting effect is due to the device causing air to move, and not anti-gravity. An episode of Myth Busters tested lifters in a vacuum and could not get them to work, demonstrating to the Myth Busters that there was not a true anti-gravity effect. Jones’ document shows that Dstl built lifters of their own, and he often references the free-energy work of Jean-Louis Naudin, of JNL labs.

Either way, although the MoD has shut the door on UFOs, they may still be open-minded about other unconventional sciences. As Jones explains:

A large proportion of the claims made may be down to poor science/experimental procedure, a sub conscious willingness, nevertheless if any are true then the consequences could be far reaching.

Dstl slide shows on Horizon Scanning, and Unconventional Sciences, including Lifters:

BTW, just in case you were wondering. Boffin is British slang for a scientist or engineer. 

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    Hmmmm I have researched this in the past and DSTL are tough nuts to crack in regards to being forthcoming with info on anti-gravity. That said take a look at one of their internal published magazines and in particular Journal page 59 here:


    Take note that on this page on the left near the bottom they refer to funding by the Electromagnetic Remote Sensing (EMRS) Defence Technology Centre, established by the UK MOD and run by a consortium of SELEX Galileo, Thales UK and Roke Manor Research.

    These guys are the ones who currently play around with anti-gravity stuff along with QinetiQ. This the only reference that you will find on anti-gravity or related to it via the DSTL website for public viewing. Its so sensitive they don’t like to tell the public about it….

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    Thosen aluminum foil triangular things are called ‘lifters’ and have been on the web since the late 90s. You can build them easily yourself using cheap stuff.

    Google: ‘Lifters’

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    I read an article once where this man in Florida had to move some huge boulders, he had made grotto, a garden out of rocks and he always would move these huge boulders with no help from machinery or anything else. He has since passed away and took the secret with him but I think he understood anti-gravity because there seemed to be no other explanation how he could move these boulders that weighed many tons. Have you ever encountered that article and what are your thoughts about that?



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    It has been proven that antigravity effect is obtained when a material with electric charges is rotating / circulating around an axis. For example, Podkletnov performed an experiment, in which a disc made of semiconductor was made spin very fast, and above it an area of lesser gravity was created. This was discovered by an accident.
    Human experiments with this effect reach even more far to the past, as nazi Germans have studied it too. So called “nazi bell”, “die Glocke” was a device they created, and it was to be the drive of their crafts, “Wunderwaffe”.
    Now, rumors are that secret American craft called TR-3B has a drive based on this effect. Plasma circulates around the craft in a tube, which caused the craft to lose above 90% of its weight.

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    In my opinion, anti gravity is possible

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    Jacques Francois Mostert

    The secret to antigravity lies in the weight of molecular spin.

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