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Silver Surfer UFO no longer unidentified

The Santa Monica Silver Surfer UFO which was witnessed by many, including Antonio Spurs star Manu Ginobili, has been identified. Open Minds reported on these sightings which occurred on December 1 and 8th last week.

The Red Bull Air Force has come forward as the famed Silver Surfer object, stating that it was simply two of their athletes, Jon DeVore and Sean MacCormac preforming night skydive demonstrations using flares. The video of the jump can be seen below.

However, this still goes to show that Bill Nye’s explanation of Sea Monkeys, a.k.a Brine Shrimp, was still as ludicrous as it sounded on NBC LA.

While this explains the strange sightings in Santa Monica, hundreds of other UFO reports that flood in on a regular basis remain unidentified.

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