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Going beyond the basics… Interviews and discussions with UFO researchers, authors, witnesses, scientists, and others to talk in-depth about issues related to this very real phenomenon. We bring together some of the best minds from multiple disciplines, so that we may put our heads together to try to gain insight into this enigmatic issue.

Host, Alejandro Rojas, has been a UFO investigator/researcher for many years. He served for several years as the Director of Public Education for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). This international organization has hundreds of certified investigators looking into the thousands of reports they receive on a yearly basis. Alejandro has worked with ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News, MSNBC, the History Channel, Discovery Channel, CNN, and many more. He has also been interviewed around the world, including several appearances on Coast to Coast AM.

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Show Archives

Kathleen Marden - Alien Experiences - February 9, 2015

Open Minds UFO Radio: Kathleen Marden is an abduction researcher and author. As the niece of Betty Hill, she had an early and unique introduction to this field.Read More »

Rev. Michael Carter - God, ETs and The Evolution of Human Consciousness - January 26, 2015

Open Minds UFO Radio: Reverend Michael Carter is an ordained minister and lectures extensively on the topic of religion and UFOs.Read More »

Bill McDonald - UFO Researcher and Artist - January 19, 2015

Open Minds UFO Radio: Bill McDonald has been researching UFOs and their occupants for decades. He has a background in military aviation and forensic anthropology as an artist.Read More »

Lee Speigel - 2014 UFO Year in Review - December 30, 2014

Open Minds UFO Radio: It is once again time for Jason and I to review the best UFO stories of the year, and once again we are joined by Huffington Post Weird News Reporter Lee Speigel.Read More »

Nick Pope - Britain's Most Famous UFO Case - December 22, 2014

Open Minds UFO Radio: Nick Pope was in charge of the British Ministry of Defence’s UFO desk from 1991 to 1994.Read More »

Doug Trumbull - Special Effects Guru and UFO Hunter - December 8, 2014

Doug Trumbull is listed on IMDb as a "Legendary filmmaker and visual effects pioneer." Read More »

Ardy Sixkiller Clarke - Alien Encounters in Mesoamerica - November 24, 2014

Open Minds UFO Radio: Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke, a Professor Emeritus at Montana State University, has dedicated her life and career to working with indigenous populations. Read More »

Chase Kloetzke - UFO and Paranormal Investigator and Author - November 17, 2014

Open Minds UFO Radio: Chase Kloetzke is an author and paranormal investigator. For many years she was a UFO field investigator for the Mutual UFO Network and spent some time leading MUFON's Star Team. Read More »

Richard Dolan - Alien Abduction, Area 51, MUFON, and Breakaway Civilizations - November 10, 2014

Open Minds UFO Radio: Author Richard Dolan has often been referred to as a UFO historian, but he is also a researcher, lecturer, TV personality and one of the most interesting, and sometimes controversial, participants in what is often called Ufology.Read More »

Lee Speigel - Nazi secret weapons and UFOs on the Moon - November 4, 2014

Open Minds UFO Radio: Lee Speigel has been researching and discussing UFOs in the media for decades. He is now a journalist for Huffington Post's Weird News, where he writes about UFOs.Read More »

John Burroughs - Rendlesham UFO Witness - October 27, 2014

Open Minds UFO Radio: John Burroughs is one of the primary witnesses to a mass UFO sighting in December, 1980.Read More »

Travis Walton - UFO Abduction Update - October 20, 2014

Open Minds UFO Radio: Travis Walton had one of the most famous and fascinating alleged UFO abduction experiences. It was documented in the movie Fire in the Sky.Read More »

Nancy Birnes - UFO Magazine Editor - October 13, 2014

Open Minds UFO Radio: Nancy Birnes is the former editor of UFO Magazine.Read More »

Pat Frascogna - UFO Lawyer - October 6, 2014

Open Minds UFO Radio: Pat Frascogna is a lawyer who has taken up the case of two men who were witnesses to one of the most important UFO events. Read More »

Norio Hayakawa - UFOs in New Mexico - September 29, 2014

Open Minds UFO Radio: Norio has been investigating UFOs for decades. He specializes in his home state of New Mexico, especially regarding the alleged secret base in Dulce and cattle mutilations in that area.Read More »

Angel Espino - UFO Radio Host/Producer - September 22, 2014

Open Minds UFO Radio: Angel Espino is the host of Skywatchers Radio, a program that focuses on the UFO phenomenon, and the founder and producer of Public Streaming Network (PSN) Radio. Read More »

Lakita Adams - UFOs in North Carolina - September 10, 2014

Open Minds UFO Radio: Lakita Adams is the state director for the North Carolina chapter of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).Read More »

Yvonne Smith - Alien Abductions at the Hotel del Coronado - August 25, 2014

Open Minds UFO Radio: Yvonne Smith is a hypnotherapist and has been one of the leading researchers of alien abduction for decades.Read More »

Frank Kimbler - Roswell UFO Debris Discoveries - August 18, 2014

Open Minds UFO Radio: Frank Kimbler teaches Geology and other earth sciences at the high school and college level at the New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell. Read More »

Ruben Uriarte and Carlos Guzman - UFOs over Mexico - August 11, 2014

Open Minds UFO Radio: Ruben Uriarte and Carlos Guzman have been investigating UFO cases in Mexico for decades.Read More »

Marc D'Antonio - UFO Photography and UFOTOG Update - August 7, 2014

Open Minds UFO Radio: Marc D'Antonio is the chief photo and video analyst for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). Read More »

David Pares - Warp Engines and UFOs - July 28, 2014

Open Minds UFO Radio: David Pares is an adjunct professor at several colleges, including the University of Nebraska where he is the faculty adviser for their Mutual UFO Network student organization.Read More »

Margie Kay - Missouri UFO and Paranormal Investigations - July 15, 2014

Open Minds UFO Radio: Margie Kay is a paranormal and UFO investigator, author, and national speaker.Read More »

William Hopp - Abductee Filmmaker - June 30, 2014

Open Minds UFO Radio: William Hopp is the founder of Collective Minds Media and has had a lifelong interest in the Paranormal, especially alien abduction.Read More »

Kevin Randle - UFO Deception and Cover-ups - June 23, 2014

Open Minds UFO Radio: Kevin Randle is an author and UFO researcher. He has written many books on UFOs and his latest is titled The Government UFO Files: The Conspiracy of Cover-Up. Read More »

Chris Lambright - UFOs over Kirtland Air Force Base - June 16, 2014

Open Minds UFO Radio: Chris Lambright has studied the UFO images captured by Paul Bennewitz over Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico, and he believes they may be something much more mysterious than top secret USAF aircraft.Read More »

UFO News and Majestic 12 Investigation

Open Minds UFO Radio: In this episode, Jason and Alejandro cover the latest UFO news, including a remarkable video allegedly captured by Homeland Security of a UFO in Puerto Rico.Read More »

Linda Zimmermann - Hudson Valley UFOs - June 2, 2104

Open Minds UFO Radio: Linda Zimmerman is an author and paranormal researcher. While investigating UFOs in New York's Hudson Valley, many people shared with her their UFO experiences.Read More »

Jeremy Meador - UFO Crashes in Nevada - May 19, 2014

Open Minds UFO Radio: Jeremy Meador is a paranormal investigator who has been researching alleged UFO crashes in the Nevada desert. Read More »

Christopher O’Brien - Cattle Mutilations - May 12, 2014

Open Minds UFO Radio: Christopher O'Brien is an investigator of the unusual. He has written several books on his findings.Read More »

Matty Beckerman - Director of Alien Abduction - May 5, 2014

Open Minds UFO Radio: Matty Beckerman produced and directed the new movie Alien Abduction, which also includes the Brown Mountain lights mystery.Read More »

Roger Marsh - UFO Writer - April 28, 2014

Open Minds UFO Radio: Roger Marsh is a UFO writer, author, playwright and independent filmmaker.Read More »

Lee Speigel - Recent UFO Sightings - April 23, 2014

Speigel-12-3-13-hsOpen Minds UFO Radio: There have been a lot of UFO pictures and videos popping up in the news all around the world lately. In order to take a closer look at these UFO sightings, Jason and I invited Lee Speigel from the Huffington Post to join us and go over these cases.Read More »

Thomas Reed – UFO and Alien Encounters – March 14, 2014

Open Minds UFO Radio: Thomas Reed and his brother began experiencing strange events in the 1960s, beginning with a UFO encounter.Read More »

Mark Pilkington & Roland Denning - Government UFO Disinformation - April 7, 2014

Open Minds UFO Radio: Mark Pilkington is the writer and Roland Denning is the co-director to a new documentary on UFO disinformation called Mirage Men. Read More »

Patty Greer - Crop Circle Filmmaker - March 10, 2014

Open Minds UFO Radio: Patty Greer is a Crop Circle filmmaker, but she hasn't always been. In fact, it was an experience in a Crop Circle that compelled her to begin making the films.Read More »

Jan Harzan - Director of the Mutual UFO Network - March 4, 2014

Open Minds UFO Radio: Jan Harzan is the Executive Director of the Mutual UFO Network. Jan has been a MUFON member for decades and has been involved with the administration of the organization at the national level for many years.Read More »

Lee Speigel - 2014 UFO Congress Recap - February 24, 2014

Open Minds UFO Radio: Lee Speigel, Jason McClellan, and Alejandro Rojas review some of the highlights of the 2014 International UFO Congress.Read More »

Jason Martell - Ancient Alien Research - February 3, 2014

Open Minds UFO Radio: For over 15 years, Jason Martell has been one of the leading researchers and lectures specializing in ancient civilization technologies.Read More »

Aaron Sagers - UFOs & Pop Culture - January 29, 2014

Aaron Sagers is an entertainment journalist, geek culture expert, published author and pundit. He is also an expert historian and lecturer on the field of paranormal-themed entertainment, also known as “paranormal pop culture,” and founder of ParanormalPopCulture.com. He is a writer for CNN.com’s Geek Out! and MTV Geek, and his work has appeared in the ...Read More »

John Craig and EJ Thornton - UFO Tracking App - January 20, 2014

Open Minds UFO Radio: John Craig and EJ Thornton are developing an app for cell phones that they hope will track UFOs. Read More »

Lee Speigel - Best UFO Stories of 2013 - January 13, 2014

Open Minds UFO Radio: Lee Speigel is a writer for the Huffington Post and works at the Weird News desk.Read More »

Sam Maranto - UFOs in Illinois - January 7, 2014

Open Minds UFO Radio: Sam Maranto is a UFO investigator, and currently the state director for the Illinois chapter of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). Read More »

Damien Lopez - Alien and UFO Inspired Online Comic Book - December 16, 2013

Open Minds UFO Radio: Damien Lopez is an artist who incorporates his research in UFO and alien encounters into his art and story lines, and he has come up with a great idea on how to take online comic books to the next level. Using video and new online technologies that incorporate animation, Damien had ...Read More »

Ardy Sixkiller Clarke - American Indian UFO Stories – December 11, 2013

Open Minds UFO Radio: Ardy Sixkiller Clarke is the author of Encounters with the Star People: Untold Stories of American Indians.Read More »

Cameron Pack - Project Blue Book UFO Files - November 25, 2013

Open Minds UFO Radio: Cameron Pack is the author of the new book The Restored Project Blue Book UFO Files: June 1947 & Before. Read More »

James Carman - UFO Documentary Producer - November 18, 2013

Open Minds UFO Radio: James Carman lives in New York City and works as a cinematographer and a producer.Read More »

Peter McCue - Clinical Psychologist and Paranormal Author – October 30, 2013

Open Minds UFO Radio: Peter’s interest in psychical research and UFO phenomena goes back decades. He’s the author of numerous articles on these subjects and a recently published book, titled Zones of Strangeness: An Examination of Paranormal and UFO Hot Spots.Read More »

Antonio Huneeus - Peruvian Air Force UFO Department - October 22, 2013

Open Minds UFO Radio: The Peruvian Air Force (FAP) announced last week that it would re-instate their UFO department, known officially as the Office of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena Research (OIFAA). Read More »

David Marler - Triangular UFOs - October 14, 2013

Open Minds UFO Radio: Although there have been some investigations and analysis done on triangular UFOs, until now no one had written a book compiling the sightings to take a closer look on this aspect of the UFO phenomenon. David Marler has done this in his book Triangular UFOs, and what he has found is astonishing. Read More »

Antonio Paris - Aerial Phenomena Investigations - September 30, 2013

Open Minds UFO Radio: Antonio, the Founder and Director of the Aerial Phenomena Investigations (API), is a former US Army Counterintelligence Officer and Department of Defense Counterintelligence Special Agent. He was awarded a Bronze Star for combat operations in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom.Read More »

Rev. Michael Carter - Extraterrestrials in the Bible - September 23, 2013

Open Minds UFO Radio: Rev. Michael Carter has a BA in Letters from the College of New Rochelle and a Masters in Divinity from the prestigious Union Theological Seminary in New York.Read More »

Jordan Hofer - Evolutionary Ufology – September 16, 2013

Open Minds UFO Radio: Jordan Hofer is a former university instructor of human evolution and serves as a Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) Research Specialist in Anthropology.Read More »

John Greenewald, Jr. - Government UFO Files – September 9, 2013

Open Minds UFO Radio: John Greenewald has spent the last 17 years filing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for information on UFOs.Read More »

Jason McClellan – Joe Rogan Questions UFOs – August 26, 2013

Open Minds UFO Radio: Joe Rogan, a comedian and actor, is also a self proclaimed life-long paranormal mystery addict. He has a new show on the Syfy Channel titled Joe Rogan Questions Everything, in which he explores the evidence for various paranormal phenomena. The latest episode was on UFOs and featured Open Minds editor and writer, Jason McClellan.Read More »

Philip Mantle - Alien Abduction in the UK - August 19, 2013

Open Minds UFO Radio: Philip Mantle is an international UFO researcher, lecturer and broadcaster.Read More »

Professor David Pares – Space Warp Breakthrough – August 5, 2013

Open Minds UFO Radio: David Pares is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, Metropolitan Community College, Nebraska Wesleyan, and at Buena Vista College.Read More »

James Gilliland - UFOs over Mt. Adams - July 29, 2013

Open Minds UFO Radio: The Mt. Adams area, near the town of Trout Lake, Washington, has always been known as a UFO hotspot. This is where James Gilliland built the Enlightened Contact with Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (ECETI) Ranch and Sativa Sanctuary. Read More »

Martin Willis – Host of Podcast UFO – July 15, 2013

Open Minds UFO Radio: Martin Willis is the host of Podcast UFO, like the name suggests, it is a weekly podcast about UFOs. Willis works in the antiques business, but was inspired to look into UFOs after an incredible sighting of his own.Read More »

Marshall Klarfeld - History of the Anunnaki - July 8, 2013

Open Minds UFO Radio: Marshal Klarfeld is an author and retired engineer. Since his retirement he has researched the work done by Zecharia Sitchin on the mythology of the Sumerian civilization.Read More »

Nick Pope – The Final UK UFO Files – June 24, 2013

Open Minds UFO Radio: Nick Pope was in charge of the British Ministry of Defence's UFO desk from 1991 to 1994.Read More »

Maureen Elsberry – Open Minds UFO Researcher & Writer – June 17, 2013

Open Minds UFO Radio: Maureen Elsberry is the director of marketing for Open Minds Production. She also co-hosts the UFO web-series Spacing Out!, and writes for Open Minds magazine and our website.Read More »

Leslie Kean - Global Official & Scientific UFO Investigations - June 10, 2013

Open Minds UFO Radio: Leslie Kean is an independent investigative journalist with a background in freelance writing and radio broadcasting. She is the author of the book UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record. Kean draws on her research to separate fact from fiction and to lift the veil on decades of U.S. ...Read More »

Ron Westrum – Emeritus Professor of Sociology – June 3, 2013

Open Minds UFO Radio: Westrum says when an event is widely experienced but seldom reported, we can refer to it as a “hidden event.” Many anomalous events, including UFOs, by appearing to violate common sense or scientific paradigms, fall into this category.Read More »

Ben Hansen - UFOs, Night Vision, and Hoaxers - May 20, 2013

Open Minds UFO Radio: Ben Hansen is a TV host and lead investigator for the Syfy channel’s Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files.Read More »

Antonio Huneeus - Behind the Scenes at the UFO Hearing - May 13, 2013

Open Minds UFO Radio: Open Minds journalist, Antonio Huneeus, was one of the UFO experts testifying at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure.Read More »

Lee Speigel - Citizen Hearing on Disclosure and UFOs - May 6, 2013

Speigel-12-3-13-hsOpen Minds UFO Radio: Lee Speigel, reporter for the Huffington Post, live blogged the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure last week. We got some insight into the testimony presented, and how the former congress members seemed to be very persuaded by the information.Read More »

Scott Ramsey - New Aztec UFO Crash Evidence - April 29, 2013

Open Minds UFO Radio: Scott Ramsey began his investigation into an alleged crash of a UFO near Aztec, New Mexico over 25 years ago. Skeptical at first, and assuming he would demonstrate there was nothing to it, compelling bits of information eventually led him to believe the case was worth taking seriously.Read More »

Ryan Sprague - UFO Journalist and Playwright - April 22, 2013

Open Minds UFO Radio: Ryan Sprague has been a writer for Open Minds UFO for several years. He is also a playwright in New York City. He is currently writing a play based on the events of the third night in the Rendlesham Forest incident, in which a man claims a UFO landed and aliens talked with military personnel.Read More »

Gary Whitta - Hollywood Screenwriter - April 15, 2013

Open Minds UFO Radio: Gary is a former video-game journalist and Editor-in-Chief of PC Gamer magazine. He is now a screenwriter for film and television, comic-book author and podcaster. Whitta’s first major screenplay was for the movie The Book of Eli, starring Denzel Washington. His latest screenplay is co-written with M. Night Shyamalan. This sci-fi adventure flick, ...Read More »

Dr. Bruce Maccabee - The FBI UFO Connection - April 8, 2013

In this edition of Open Minds UFO Radio, we talk about how the media has gotten the FBI UFO files story wrong, Dr. Maccabee’s opinion of the infamous “Hottel” UFO memo, and what insights the FBI’s UFO files give us into their investigations into the subject.Read More »

Trish and Rob MacGregor - Aliens in the Backyard - April 1, 2013

The MacGregors have been professional writers for 25 years. They have mined numerous synchronicities and have fruitfully used the knowledge derived from them. One synchronicity after another led to their many non-fiction books on dreams, psychic development, astrology, yoga, the tarot, divination, and animal symbolism. They are also novelists. Rob wrote Indiana Jones and the ...Read More »

Joan Bird - Montana UFOs and Extraterrestrials - March 25, 2013

Joan Bird is the author of a new book titled Montana UFOs and Extraterrestrials. This book critically examines famous UFO events in Montana, including reported contact with extraterrestrials. It draws on recently declassified government documents, historic reports, and first-hand interviews. Joan holds a Ph.D. in zoology, and worked as a freelance nature interpretation writer. She ...Read More »

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