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Investigators set to uncover aliens on Animal Planet

Discovery’s Animal Planet is airing a special screening on Sunday, December 15 of a new show titled Uncovering Aliens that explores the possibility of extraterrestrials on Earth.

L to R: Derrel Sims, Mike Bara, Maureen Elsberry, Steven Jones. (Credit: Raw/Animal Planet)

L to R: Derrel Sims, Mike Bara, Maureen Elsberry, Steven Jones. (Credit: Raw/Discovery)

Discovery’s press release for Uncovering Aliens states:

Across America, there are more UFO sightings than ever before. 6 million Americans believe they’ve had an actual physical encounter with an extra-terrestrial. What lies behind this increasing number of reports? Are these UFOs actually extra-terrestrial craft? And [does] our government know more than they are letting on? A team of four professional UFO investigators has come together to investigate the phenomena. They are traveling across America in [an] attempt to hunt down the truth. This is no ordinary group of investigators. They bring a broad range of skills and experience to the subject to maximize their chance of success. From aeronautics engineering to personal abduction experience this team is unified by one common goal: to uncover the truth behind the growing claims that extra-terrestrial life exists here on planet earth.

The show’s team of investigators is comprised of Derrel Sims, Mike Bara, Maureen Elsberry, and Steven Jones.

Here is a description of the episode premiering on December 15:

The investigators. (Credit: Discovery)

The investigators. (Credit: Discovery)

The alien investigators head to UFO hotspot Sedona, Arizona. Local residents have reported seeing UFOs and military aircraft flying together in the skies above their town. An ex-Senator claims the government is using alien technology and a local photographer shows them authenticated pictures of UFOs. As they head to government owned Bradshaw Ranch to check out reports of UFO and Military activity, their suspicion of a military cover up deepens when a Black Ops helicopter buzzes them. The investigators stake out the ranch at night and witness UFOs in the sky. Finally the investigators interview an ex-aerospace engineer. He reveals leaked top secret documents that he claims are evidence that the government is analyzing crashed UFOs at secret bases across America, and that Bradshaw ranch could be one such base.

This episode is scheduled to air Sunday, December 15 on Animal Planet at 11:00 p.m. Eastern, but check your local listings.

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    One investigator made a comment on not being able to see numbers on the Black Hawk helicopter. I see military helicopters day-in and day-out. Unless you are relatively close, you cannot see the markings…and that is with dark green helicopter.
    Near the end of the program, the Dr. had papers that claimed that the government reverse engineered crashed UFO’s. Transistors would not be the technology being used by travelers moving light years through space. Think about it. We are beyond transistors now and still cannot travel light years through space.
    If aliens were so advanced, why would they need lights on their spacecraft?
    I do believe in life in other worlds, however some things do not make full sense.

  2. avatar

    The copter was such garbage CGI. I could have done a better job! I have a degree in this field of study. The copter was too even with it’s overall color and shade. There would be dimension to the copter if it were real. This is caused by the outside light, movement of the craft, and reflected light. It’s no surprise that the camera gets unfocused and shaky when the camera person gets a closer shot. C’mon people! Professional camera operators have cameras that can adjust to different situations in seconds. You’d think animal planet would have a high shutter speed cam ready to roll. The copter also looked as if it were traveling on a fixed path rather than fluid like a vessel traveling of it’s own free will in a three dimensional world. This is total slop being fed to the vast majority who are being tricked into believing this muck. It makes me sick.

  3. avatar

    Not to mention, in all moving conditions, any professional camera person would be using a steadycam counterweight to compensate for shakiness during zooms. There are too many errors here to believe this. These things are done deliberately to distract the viewer from getting a good look at the subject in focus.

  4. avatar

    Was this the only episode in the series?

  5. avatar

    Lets hope its the only episode. TV has sunk to new all time lows. Pure garbage.

  6. avatar

    I live in Sedona and have witnessed strange occurrences in the sky. I’m not saying that they are UFO’s but I did go out and purchase a better digital camera so if I see them again I will have photographic proof. If you know the terrain of this area you have to wonder why military helicopters fly over this area on a regular basis.

  7. avatar

    Total fabrication. The Navajo Army Depot is right over the hill a few miles SW of Flagstaff. It is used regularly by Communications units from Ft Huachuca who fly into the Navajo Depot to complete field training and other units in the Southwest.

    All military craft have been painted with radar absorbing none reflective paint for decades. There have not been big numbers on craft that can be seen from the ground since the advent of Spy Satellites. Dah!

    Local ranchers started the whole UFO thing in the 60′s and 70′s to make extra $ from hippies who would rent beds in their bunk house. The local chamber of commerce still actively promotes UFO’s, New Age and paranormal for tourism. Sedona is just a classier version of Rosewell but where produces would rather hang in a nice hotel and spa.

    The Bradshaw ranch is only 90 acres and is fully accessible for hunting hiking, etc. Road access is closed to protect pictographs from theft. . . a big problem in the area. Yes, they use jack hammers to remove huge slabs of rock in the middle of the night. A good slab with images can fetch tens of thousands on the black market.

    This is the worst kind of fabricated-cheap-reality TV presented as if it has some factual basis. This trend in programming, without at least a disclaimer from the broadcasting network, is in my estimation irresponsible. Too many believe if it’s on TV, it must be true.

    And yes, Bigfoot thrives in Oak Creek near Sedona, the space ship will depart from Bell Rock on time next Sunday and the cosmic vortex on Airport Drive will heal your terminal disease.

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