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Disc-shaped UFO photographed in Minnesota

A woman photographed a UFO over Minnesota on Monday, September 2.

UFO over Cass Lake, Minnesota. (Credit: Allison Barta/Grand Forks Herald)

UFO over Cass Lake, Minnesota. (Credit: Allison Barta/Grand Forks Herald)

Science teacher Allison Barta and her friend Neil Peterson were outside her home in Cass Lake, MN taking pictures of pelicans when they noticed a translucent, disc-shaped object in the sky. The Grand Forks Herald describes that the UFO “spanned the horizon in just a few seconds at an incredible speed.”

The photo Barta took shows the mysterious object and two pelicans in flight. Although the UFO resembles simple lens flare, she explains, “[I]t’s definitely not a lens flare, cause we saw it with the naked eye.” The pelicans appear more in focus than the disc-shaped object, suggesting the UFO was closer to the camera than the pelicans were. Barta recalls, “For the moment, we were pretty dumbfounded. The two of us are watching it zoom across the sky, and I’m trying to get another picture of it, but I couldn’t catch it.”

The witness is dumbfounded by what she observed. She explains, “It’s not an aircraft known to this planet. I don’t really know what it is.”

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