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Canada’s Official UFO Studies – Your Need to Know

The next episode in our series is titled Canada’s Official UFO Studies. We will explore two of Canada’s UFO reporting agencies: Project Magnet and Second Story, both established in the early 1950’s. Also we will examine some details of the infamous Shag Harbor UFO incident. This case is one of the very few where a government agency formally acknowledges an unidentified flying object. It was determined that no known aircraft was involved in the incident, so the source remains unknown to this day.

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    Shen Kuo (1031–1095), a Song Chinese government scholar-official and prolific polymath inventor and scholar, wrote a vivid passage in his Dream Pool Essays (1088) about an unidentified flying object. He recorded the testimony of eyewitnesses in 11th century Anhui and Jiangsu (especially in the city of Yangzhou ), who stated that a flying object with opening doors would emit a blinding light from its interior (from an object shaped like a pearl) that would cast shadows from trees for ten miles in radius, and was able to take off at tremendous speeds.

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    The unknown flying object was never officially identified, and was therefore referred to as an unidentified flying object (UFO) in Canadian government documents. A Canadian Naval recovery effort immediately followed. The event is sometimes compared to the Roswell UFO incident and Kecksburg UFO incident, two other events alleged to be military crash-recoveries of UFOs.

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    @Wm Lane – Wow! That is really interesting. I was not aware of that UFO essay. Thanks for sharing!

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    Why is this, that lyers who make up stories are telling the truth, and those who really saw some thing are lyers. What happen to me a white ball of light made contact with me no one beleive me n i wrote to ufo people and other oganisation not a phone call not a letter just nothing this has to do with the crop circles ,you will also see the crop circle desighns in the night sky soon.

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