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Billy Meier case to be presented in schools

The case of Swiss UFO contactee Billy Meier is reportedly coming to the classroom.

Michael Horn, Meier's U.S. media representative

Michael Horn, Meier's U.S. media representative

Meier’s U.S. media representative, Michael Horn, is bringing the case to schools, colleges and universities in the form of a multimedia presentation. This presentation is said to contain physical evidence from the Meier case, including UFO photos, video and audio recordings, and metal samples.

UFO Contactee Eduard "Billy" Meier

UFO Contactee Eduard 'Billy' Meier

Horn feels that the evidence from this case is “ironclad,” and he states, “All previous UFO information, such as Roswell, the Air Force sightings, China, etc., is basically anecdotal and, while entertaining, is without any real, hard evidence. You can think of it as ‘UFOs 101’. The Meier case is overflowing with hard evidence, which is why I refer to it as the ‘Graduate Level Course’. And when you are educated about it you’ll wonder why you never heard about it before. I’ll discuss the answer to that too.”

Horn thinks that presenting the evidence to students, teachers, and critical thinkers in an academic environment is more productive than presenting it at a UFO-oriented event where he would be “preaching to the choir.”

Michael Horn’s Billy Meier multimedia presentation will be taking place at schools beginning in 2011.

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    I’m pretty sure it’s long been determined that Billy Meier was a fraud. He even went so far as to pass off doctored photos of school textbooks as photographic evidence of his interdimensional exploits with the nords


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    This is more of Michael Horn, and Billy trying to indoctrinate young people into thinking that Billy is telling the truth, and thus helping to continue their creation of this Cult like following they are trying to create.

    Yes Mister Boots this was proven to be fraud long time ago, and everything Billy has said is a lie.

    His own ex wife admitted this… With all this “IRONCLAD” proof that Horn has I wonder if he will bring the National Geographic book where Billy got his dino pics to compare them in the classes? lol probably not.

    Michael Horn, and Billy Meier are both scumbags trying to make money on lies.

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