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Open Minds UFO magazine is a bi-monthly publication focusing on exploring the true nature of the UFO phenomenon in terms of its history, evidence and its enormous sociopolitical and scientific implications. OPEN MINDS is presented objectively with a focus on the facts, yet the publication is destined to change our current outlook on UFOs- an outlook that has been affected for decades by the stigma of ridicule and a relentless process of misinformation and/or disinformation by the mainstream media.

OPEN MINDS magazine reports and investigates on the evidence of:

  • Alien abductions and direct contact cases
  • UFO sightings supported by camera and video images, and reported by credible witnesses
  • Strange UFO –connected phenomena such as cattle mutilations, crop circles, archeological puzzles and past encounters with other civilizations
  • covert and classified activities and documents related to possible UFO cover-ups and black projects
  • Interplanetary missions and exobiology explorations that may locate intelligence elsewhere
  • Scientific advances and startling new discoveries

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