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Three clips of UFOs allegedly filmed in Guangzhou, China have appeared on the Internet recently, all showing the objects' detailed structures.

Are the Guangzhou UFO Videos Real?

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First Video: UFO Filmed From Bus 582

Three clips of UFOs allegedly filmed in Guangzhou, China have appeared on the Internet recently, all showing the objects’ detailed structures.

The first video was reportedly filmed from bus 582, with no date given, the second by a resident in Cencun on Aug. 6, 2010. The latest one was filmed above a canal in Cencun, allegedly on Aug. 30, just a few days ago. The scene in that one was chaotic, with people screaming in the background.

Many believe the videos are fake because the footage is too clear, as if watching scenes from a science fiction movie. The UFOs’ three-dimensional structures are apparent with corresponding variation in sound as their respective distances from the camera vary.

The Chinese who analyzed the video online in slow motion identifies himself as a film and television post-producer, and gives four arguments against the possibility that it is man-made:

1. The lens fluency and the optical illusions are perfect. The craft, horizon, and the cameraman are in a reasonable perspective while zooming in. The relationship between the streaks and the front and rear of the window reflection, several times out of focus, cannot be simulated through post-production, he said.

2. The synthesis of the foreground and background has no flaws, especially as the craft flies past a street light. Even Hollywood’s special effects experts cannot deal with this material without a blue screen and the result would be low-quality—there would be jagged, and different colored trails. After carefully observing the joint of the street lamp and the craft by zooming in, there is no apparent flaw at all.

3. The change of focus and the transition of lights are natural and impeccable. Creating such effects would require specialized software, equipment, and professional knowledge. Also, the lighting of the craft and the setting appear quite natural.

4. The crafts’ shape, structure, material, texture, and movement are extremely realistic, comparable to the Imperial Star Cruiser in Star Wars. In the last video, as the craft leaves the scene, the devices at its base suddenly light up as it speeds up.

The Chinese expert concludes that there are no apparent traces of man-made objects or post-production processing in the video. He said, to put it simply, if Chinese people can produce videos of such quality, Hollywood would have lost its monopoly on creating science fiction movies.

However, there are various discrepancies, for example in the first video, there is no shadow or reflection on the ground or window. The footage conveniently blurs out when the UFO goes behind the lamp post. Also the real objects like posts and trees in the background have image echoes due to the movement of the camera, whereas the UFO does not.

Second Video: UFO Filmed From Rental House in Cencun

Regarding the second video, a netizen commented that its special effects are too complicated for laypeople to produce in a short time. For instance, white lights appeared when the UFO moved suddenly, and the rotation speeds of its lower and its upper parts are different.

There are several difficulties:

1. The sudden appearance of lights as the craft speeds up look real and are hard to produce.

2. The process of the lens going from blurred to clear when changing focus.

3. The humming sound of the craft is irregular—not just the difference in the sounds closer to and further away from the lens, but also in the three seconds when the craft is nearest to the camera.

To achieve such a three-dimensional effect requires professional knowledge of sound recording and 3-D film effects.

“It’s hard for me to imagine that a person who lives in such a shabby rental house could produce such special effects,” the netizen said.

Third Video: UFO Filmed Over Canal in Cencun

In the third video, the craft’s structure is very clear with a humming sound changing from far to near. It goes out of focus, then it flies over the camera. The process is natural and the light matches the light of the environment. It is hard to imagine someone making so much effort to create such a high quality 3-D work, the netizen said.

However, the UFO’s reflection does not have the same sharpness as the other reflections in the water and is not rippled in the same manner. The reflection appears to be incorrectly placed in relation to the perspective.

Using a satellite map, an Epoch Times reporter in China located two waterways similar to the scene in Cencun. He called nearby residents, but no one knew anything about the incident.

Presently, the authenticity of these three videos cannot be verified.

Read more at the Epoch Times website.

Note: A recent story says that someone has come forward claiming to have made one of these videos and apologizes for the trouble he caused. Read more about recent Chinese UFO sightings.

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