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Bassett will return for an encore presentation on February 4th.

Evidence of extraterrestrial presence to be presented

Stephen Bassett (credit: PRG)

Stephen Bassett (credit: PRG)

Stephen Bassett, executive director for the Paradigm Research Group, recently delivered a presentation in Santa Monica, California about the latest developments in the world of UFOs, extraterrestrials, and exopolitics. According to a new press release, Bassett will return for an encore presentation on February 4th.

At this second presentation, Bassett will reportedly present “undeniable evidence” proving that extraterrestrials are contacting millions of people on Earth, abducting and impregnating women, and that our government knows about it.

Michael Horn, the American media representative for controversial Swiss UFO contactee, Billy Meier, will be in attendance to examine the evidence Bassett presents. Horn is apparently skeptical.

Jeremy Corbell, a Santa Monica resident, attended Bassett’s first presentation on January 28th, and he produced the following video to promote the upcoming February 4th event:

Like the first one, Bassett’s February 4th presentation in Santa Monica takes place at the Flying Saucers Cafe.

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  1. “Horn is apparently skeptical.” Yeah, of someone else horning in on the public’s attention (no pun intended)!

  2. I have literally been waiting years for Meier to come to the U.S and speak about his contacts, and with one of the greatest figureheads in the movement Stephen Bassett! Absolutely two of the most influential figures in Exopolitics. This is like a meeting of the minds with Einstein and Carl Sagan! EPIC! If you are not familiar with Meier’s contact story, be sure to check out The Silent Revolution Of Truth, before Feb 4th!

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