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UFO videos caught over Lake Tahoe

We were recently contacted by a man who says he caught several mysterious white orb UFOs on video over Lake Tahoe during a recent vacation. He is adamant that the movement of the objects proves they are not balloons, and he believes they are something much more mysterious.

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Russian UFO video picked up by UK media is old news

A purported UFO video captured over Russia recently was picked up by UK media. However, the video is actually a repost of an alleged UFO video posted in 2013. Either way, the phenomenon displayed in the video still goes unexplained, and the anomalous lights in the video have supposedly been recorded several times.

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UFO videos released by Chilean government

UFO videos were released this week from the Chilean government. The videos were captured at the Academia de Guerra Aérea (AGA), or Air Force War Academy, in Santiago, Chile in 2012. After years of careful analysis, a scientific board has declared the UFO event an "anomalous luminous phenomenon" of unknown origin.

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