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    This one (the 1952 Capitol Bldg photo) has an explanation. If you could see the full photo, the ‘UFOs’ above the building are mirrored exactly by the streetlights below – reflected in the camera lens. Of course this does not invalidate the whole DC flap of that year, just this photo.

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    Come on Alejandro…. charging membership fees just to look at your pic collection???

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    Alejandro Rojas

    No. Not sure what you mean, this page is free. Enjoy!

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    If the ETs are in charge of Disclosure, what are we doing here? No amount of public demand will loosen the truth embargo grip on mainstream media. A well protected, well enforced, death grip on this type of information by the elite in this country and around the world will not just go away because we want it to.
    I will make an assumption here that “THEY”, ETs, have engauged civilizations for milenia many times over the course of existence and already know how this is done, what works, and what doesn’t.

    Meanwhile our education continues until a time comes when we are ready join the galactic community. As Stanton Friedman stated: We are not nice people and our quarantine is probably justified.

    Our government will get spanked for their dirty deeds, just a matter of time.

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    Those UFOs are nothing but Tesla’s aircraft. As you all know that all the research papers and works of Nicola Tesla was taken by American agency after his death. So this UFO are made according to those papers of Tesla. Take a look of Tesla’s aircraft and you will see that those look similar to it.

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