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Open Minds has been referred to as the “CNN of UFOs

UFOs and the search for extraterrestrial life have been highlighted is an ever increasing sociological and political topic in modern society. Open Minds is an objective source for all your UFO news.

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Brandon Fugal: The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch Season 2 Interview

Brandon Fugal is the owner of Skinwalker Ranch. As the Chairman of Colliers International in Utah, Brandon is one of the most prominent businessmen and real estate developers in the Intermountain West. From an early age, he has also been fascinated with the mysteries of our universe and the question of whether or not we ...Read More »

William Shatner On Looking For Ancient Aliens

William Shatner discusses The UnXplained’s major crossover event with Ancient Aliens, and what Gene Rodenberry knew about extraterrestrial life. Willam Shatner’s The UnXlplained and Ancient Aliens are combining forces to figure out the mysteries of the universe. Typically, Friday nights on the History Channel include Ancient Aliens, then an episode of The UnXplained. This Friday, ...Read More »

Ben Hansen Talks Discovery+'s UFO Witness

Den of Geek: Join us live as our UFO expert Alejandro Rojas interviews former federal agent turned paranormal investigator Ben Hansen, host of the new series UFO Witness on Discovery+.Read More »

The Proof is Out There - Tony Harris Talks UFOs + More Phenomena!

Den of Geek: Join us LIVE as UFO expert Alejandro Rojas interviews TV Journalist Tony Harris, host of HISTORY’s new series The Proof is Out There. The new series takes an in-depth look at some of the most incredible and thought-provoking videos of unexplained phenomena and mysterious must-see moments of all time. Through expert examination ...Read More »

How US Intelligence Community Insiders Got the Senate's Attention Regarding UFOs

When they couldn’t get credible data regarding UFOs in front of the Secretary of Defense, two intelligence insiders hatched a plan to get the world to pay attention and succeeded. The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) has requested that the Director of National Intelligence organize research into Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP – aka UFOs) ...Read More »

The Carter Administration’s Attempt to Create a NASA UFO Commission

Forty-three years ago was the last time the U.S. government considered creating an official commission to investigate and report on UFOs. Despite Washington’s efforts to dissuade the public from any interest in UFOs through the 1969 issuance of the University of Colorado’s Condon Report, UFOs continued to appear. Eight years later, with President Jimmy Carter ...Read More »

Somewhere in the Skies: A Young Voice of Truth

The second edition of Somewhere in the Skies: A Human Approach to the UFO Phenomenon, by Ryan Sprague, has been released. This is great news because Sprague’s voice is one of truth and integrity within a field of misinformation and confusion.  With contemporary culture’s embracing of the reality of UFO events, such as To the Stars ...Read More »

Belgium's Flying Triangle Wave

Thirty years ago, thousands of Belgian citizens reported mysterious platforms flying silently over rooftops. The Royal Belgian Air Force got involved and cooperated fully with civilian investigators. To this day, however, the origins of these craft remain unknown. It’s hard to convey the excitement caused by the Belgian UFO wave if you were not following UFO ...Read More »

Pentagon Can’t Keep Their Story Straight on UFOs/UAP

The Pentagon’s public relations officers have a terrible track record when it comes to recent UFO/UAP information. There has been a lot of confusion generated by the responses the Department of Defense (DoD) has provided journalists and researchers regarding the secretive Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) that investigated Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP – aka ...Read More »

A Survivor at Roswell: The Truth About the One that Walked Away

For most of the years since the 1947 Roswell crash and the subsequent weather balloon explanation, stories about mysterious bodies associated with the crash remained, but the very notion that Earth was indeed the host to a living extraterrestrial visitor was beyond the pale of belief. But, the question remained: Did an extraterrestrial survive that ill-fated night?Read More »

TTSA Advisor Chris Mellon tells CNN potential UFO crashes should be taken seriously

As previously covered by Open Minds UFO News, The New York Times claims several former government officials are convinced crashed UFOs have been retrieved and studied by the US government. The article referenced two people associated with the To the Stars Academy (TTSA) and the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP). However, missing from ...Read More »

Three Alleged International UFO Crashes

They allegedly came from Space, appeared metallic, and prompted official investigations. Were the mystery objects downed in Canada, Bolivia, and Russia genuine UFOs or some sort of secret space probes? There are dozens of reported downed UFOs around the globe—some better documented and more credible than others. This article will address three of the best ...Read More »

Alleged UFO Crashes in the U.S. other than Roswell: Aurora, Aztec, and Kecksburg

Although Roswell is the most famous alleged UFO crash, it is not the only one, nor is it the first. Some researchers believe there may have been dozens of UFO crashes. Below is a collection of some of the more well-known cases in the United States. Aurora, Texas, 1897 In 1896 and 1897, news of ...Read More »

Interview with Col. Aerial Sánchez of the Uruguayan Air Force UFO Commission CRIDOVNI

Integrating the Latin American Official Commissions An Exclusive Interview with Colonel (Ret.) Ariel Sánchez, a veteran of the Uruguayan Air Force’s UFO Commission CRIDOVNI By J. Antonio Huneeus & Yohanan Díaz Vargas The Uruguayan Air Force Colonel (Ret.) Ariel Sánchez is one of the most experienced official UFO investigators in the world. He joined the ...Read More »

New York Times claims former officials believe crashed UFOs retrieved by government

The New York Times claims former government officials and scientists are convinced the government has retrieved crashed UFOs and have studied them. However, The New York Times also says they have been provided no evidence to substantiate these beliefs. One notable former government official claims The New York Times misrepresented his statements on the matter. ...Read More »

Presentation: Steven Spielberg, Ufologist

Phoenix MUFON Online Speaker Series Steven Spielberg: Ufologist – Livestream presentation by Alejandro Rojas Close Encounters of the Third Kind was one of Spielberg’s first hit movies. What you may not know is that Spielberg based the film on real UFO research conducted by the government and its famous astronomer consultant, Dr. J. Allen Hynek. ...Read More »

The Strange Time-Warp Case of Corporal Armando Valdés

Most countries have a single UFO case that seems to overshadow all others in terms of fame, longevity, and controversy. For instance, the U.S. has the Roswell incident and England has the Rendlesham Forest close encounters. The country of Chile is no different, where the strange time-warp story of Corporal Armando Valdés and seven soldiers ...Read More »

Video Interview: Triangle UFOs and History's Unidentified with David Marler

Den of Geek UFO reporter Alejandro Rojas will live interview David Marler, a UFO researcher and author specializing in Triangle UFOs. We’ll break down his findings & recent appearance on HISTORY’s Unidentified! Visit David’s website at: davidmarlerufo.com Purchase David’s book Triangular UFOs: An Estimate of the Situation here on Amazon.  Read More »

Decades of Government UFO Gaslighting Exposed

The United States Air Force claims it stopped investigating UFOs in 1969. It is a point they love to repeat when inquiries have been made for the last few decades, even when researchers present government documents to demonstrate otherwise. Often in the past couple of decades, instead of answering my inquiries about UFO documents, I ...Read More »

Mutual UFO Network Director Arrested for Solicitation of Minor

According to the Huntington Beach Police Department, Jan Harzan, who has served as the International Director of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) since 2013, was arrested on July 3 for solicitation of a minor. This news came to light on July 14 when the Huntington Beach Police Department posted the following notice on their Facebook page:Read More »

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