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Daily UFO Headlines 10/7/10


  • In UFOs, the U is key - The Montreal Gazette (removed by source)
  • 'Great events' concerning UFOs to come out in China in next 2yrs - Oneindia News
  • Redefining Consensus Reality: American Media's Coverage of UFOs - Technorati (removed by source)
  • UFO Sightings: Washingtonians Mistake Jupiter for UFO - The Epoch Times (removed by source)
  • Historic UFO incident at Edwards AFB 45 years ago on October 7, 1965 - Tucson Citizen (removed by source)

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Billy Meier case to be presented in schools

The case of Swiss UFO contactee Billy Meier is reportedly coming to the classroom. Meier’s U.S. media representative, Michael Horn, is bringing the case to schools, colleges and universities in the form of a multimedia presentation. This presentation is said ...

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