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...the U.S. government's alleged secret project to research extraterrestrial biological entities and their presence on the earth - as told by the highly controversial whistle-blower, Dr. Dan Burisch.

Project Aquarius: Exclusive interview and illustrations of Area 51’s S-4 facility


Open Minds recently documented, in great detail, “Project Aquarius” – the U.S. government’s alleged secret project to research extraterrestrial biological entities and their presence on the earth – as told by the highly controversial whistle-blower, Dr. Dan Burisch.

Dan Burisch

Dan Burisch

Dr. Burisch was interviewed extensively by Open Minds researcher Michael Schratt on the minute details of Burisch’s claimed interactions with an extraterrestrial named “J-Rod,” who was housed in a secret underground base at Area 51 referred to as S4. Schratt’s full report is now available below.

Area 51 is located in the Nellis Air Force Base military operations area and has long been suspected as a facility used to store extraterrestrial craft and debris retrieved by the U.S. Air Force. Area S4 is reportedly housed under nearby Papoose Mountain. Using Burisch’s descriptions, Open Minds has created a never-before-seen fully illustrated reconstruction of the multi-layered base, including each level’s complete contents.

Some of the projects Burisch describes in the report are “Project Looking Glass,” the U.S. government’s investigation into the feasibility of determining probable future events. Also, covered is the ancient Sumerian connection to man-made stargates operated at Area S4 and their connection to the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

The article provides Burisch’s explanations to the following perplexing questions: Who are the extraterrestrials? Where do they come from? Why are they here? And Burisch’s detailed accounts as to how J-Rod and its associated craft eventually ended up at Area S4.

Please note that Dr. Dan Burisch is also known as Dan Crain and both names are used in the document, but refer to the same individual.

View the document in its entirety for FREE here: Project Aquarius – File size: 20 MB, it may take some time to download with slower connections.

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*The document is in the Adobe PDF format. You will need the free PDF reader to view the document. You can download the latest viewer for free here: Adobe PDF Reader.

STARGATE-LOGOSome images/illustrations in the document were created by Mark McCandlish and provided by Stargate Productions.

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About Michael Schratt

Michael Schratt (military aerospace historian) has lectured across the country on the subject of "Mystery Aircraft", and classified propulsion systems buried deep within the military industrial complex. A recent guest speaker at the “OSHKOSH” AirVenture 2006/2007 event, (the world’s largest air show), Michael has developed a number of contacts who have had first hand experience dealing with classified “black programs”, including former USAF pilots, retired Naval personnel and aerospace engineers who have maintained a TOP SECRET Q “MAJIC” clearance. A private pilot and military aerospace historian, he currently works as an aerospace draftsman/researcher near Tempe AZ.


  1. Fascinating article that presents the Burisch material in an easily accessible succinct way. The graphics are an incredible contribution. For those of us who have long followed the Burisch case with interest, I’d like to know if Michael Schratt came up with any corroborating information and/or documentation. For example, did Dan’s mother and/or father describe the Ph.D. that was framed and hung? Were any of the teachers who identified Daniel as a brilliant microbiologist at an early age, interviewed, etc., to confirm his prodigy status. Dan’s story is well known, but documentation beyond what Bill Hamilton has been able to compile in his Project Aquarius book has been elusive. Your contribution to confirming some of Dan’s background/credentials will go a long way to making the corpus of his information more palatable to a skeptical public.

  2. BillionsNbillions

    I totally agree with having an open mind, but we also have to have a foot on the ground. It just took a bit of investigating to find that Dr. Crain, or Burish, or what have you, is not a doctor. His claims that his PHd was taken off the record due to his supersecret status is laughable. Records do show a psychology degree from UNLV, and how he had a job as a parole officer while supposedly flying from Las Vegas to NY on the weekends to earn his PHd. The fact that Burisch, or what have you, has been caught in lies about his education, and the lies just keep getting more outlandish, leads me to disbelieve any extraordinary claims this man made. It upsets me when kooks and charlatans poison UFOlogy, because there are serious people doing serious work, like Stanton Friedman and others. Its the duty of those wishing to study UFO’s to out these charlatans as soon as possible. UFO and ETs visiting earth is too important of an issue to let charlatans off the hook for spinning lies.

  3. Drs. Dan and Marci’s legal doctorates are on file with Open Minds tv’s Director, in his vault. The disinformation campaign against Dr. Dan and Dr. Marci is quickly coming to a close.

  4. Does Dan Burisch still claim to have been a U.S. Navy Captain? William Hamilton’s article about Project Aquarius lists him as one.

  5. gale wollenberg

    Dr. Dan’s info matches perfectly with all the info told me in the 1980s by another man who worked at area 51 while in the Navy. Absolutely everything: the looking glass, the hangar bays, the dis-assembly of one of the craft for purposes of reverse engineering, the debriefings done by certain of the resident ETs for all newcomers to the staff etc. Everything on the area 51 J-rod website collaborates with the info I recieved.

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