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Among the most controversial figures in the field of ufology, is Phil Schneider (government Geologist/structural engineer).

Phil Schneider’s incredible ET claims

Phil Schneider

Phil Schneider

Among the most controversial figures in the field of ufology, is Phil Schneider (government Geologist/structural engineer). Phil appeared on the lecture circuit in May of 1995, and his talking points included: UFO’s, Aliens, One World Government, The New World Order, Black Budgets, Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMB’s), and stealth technology. Seven months later, he was found dead in his Portland apartment on January 17, 1996 after an apparent “suicide”. The circumstances surrounding his death remain highly suspicious, and the incompetent efforts by both police and medical examiners cry out for justice. Did Phil Schneider really take his own life? Was foul play involved? Did “the powers that be” silence Phil out of fear that he was revealing too many “skeletons” in the government/defense contractor closet? Plans for a “tell-all” book revealing the “horrible truth” never materialized, and essentially all of Philip’s evidence which consisted of lecture material, “alien” metals, higher math books, photos, and an original manuscript were stolen after his death. If the incredible claims made by Phil Schneider eventually turn out to be accurate, this devoted patriot should be honored for his dedicated service to mankind. This article will endeavor to present a skeptical but fair review of the life and background of Phil Schneider, as well as his more controversial lecture talking points.

Oscar Schneider

Oscar Schneider

Philip Schneider was born on April 23, 1947 at Bethesda Naval Hospital. His father Oscar Otto Schneider was a Captain in the U.S. Navy. He eventually met his wife (Cynthia Drayer) in 1986, and was married in Carson City Nevada. They had one daughter (Marie), and were divorced in 1990. Regarding his career and background, Phil claimed that he was employed by the Lockheed “Skunk Works” in Burbank California, and that he worked on the SR-71. He also stated that he worked as a Government geologist (specifically for NATO), and that he had seventeen years of experience involved with black projects. He held a Level 3 (Rhyolite 38) security clearance. Having such a high level of clearance, Phil was authorized to report directly to one of three individuals: The President of the United States, Director of the CIA, and the associated base commander where he was employed. Between 1977 and 1981, he worked for Morrison-Knudsen (DOD construction contractor). Concurrently, between 1978 and 1981, Phil worked directly for the Department of the Navy, Office of Naval Intelligence. He spent months at Area 51, and was known as an “interpreter” for a “guest” of the government, which turned out to be a reptilian alien. Phil’s work on Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMB’s) took him to Russia, Vietnam, New Guinea, and Saudi Arabia. His work involved the boring of deep shafts (from one to three miles) into the earth, and to analyze the rock structure for the purpose of building underground facilities. He had become an expert in his field. These cavernous spaces were created by exploding shape charges in porous rock, which would essentially “blow the room into existence”. He had also done some photographic work for the military.

Throughout his lecture tours across America, Phil stated that his father Oscar was involved with both the Philadelphia Experiment, and Operations Crossroads. Oscar had been a Captain in the Navy, and served as a medical doctor. He also stated that his father made a death-bed confession indicating that he was a U-boat Captain in Germany during World War II. Extensive research by historians has been unable to link the name Oscar Schneider to any fleet associated with the Third Reich. The Philadelphia Experiment dealt with the feasibility of making U.S. Navy warships invisible to enemy radar. Documents saved by Phil’s ex-wife indicate that Oscar Schneider had a “COSMIC” security clearance, and that he participated in the autopsy of the crew members of the U.S.S. Eldridge (DE-173). During his marriage to Cynthia Drayer, Phil claimed that the military industrial complex had succeeded in miniaturizing some of the technology associated with the Philadelphia Experiment which could make a soldier disappear. This led to a portable device that could be worn on a person’s belt. Operation Crossroads was a series of nuclear weapons tests conducted at Bikini Atoll during the summer of 1946. Claims by Phil Schneider that the Bikini Atoll tests were a cover for a much more sinister TOP SECRET program have never been independently verified. According to Schneider, Bikini Atoll was bombed due to the existence of a massive underwater alien saucer base. Apparently, up to 500,000 saucers were destroyed in the “test”. Photos of alleged “UFO’s” departing the area at tremendous speeds at the precise time of detonation mysteriously vanished after his death.

Bikini atoll nuclear test explosion

Bikini atoll nuclear test explosion

Office of Naval Intellegence logo

Office of Naval Intellegence logo

It was after the murder of Phil’s friend Ron Rummell, and death of his father (Oscar Schneider) in 1993 that he became galvanized to speak out on government black projects, the alien agenda, and the devious plans of the New World Order. By the end of 1995, he had numerous attempts on his life. One attempt included the partial sawing off of the lug-nuts on his Ford Taurus. This caused one of the wheels to fly off its axle, resulting in the vehicle flipping over and hitting the guard-rail. Undeterred, Phil routinely alerted audiences at his lectures that he was breaking the law by discussing classified information, and was in breach of his national security oath. Disgusted with the fraud, waste, and abuse associated with his employment in black projects, Phil cut up his ID badge, and mailed it back to his employer. He regularly opened his presentations with the words: “I love my country more than I love my life”. On display at Phil’s various lectures were alleged samples of “alien” metals, and photos taken by his father depicting UFO’s departing the area of an atomic bomb test. Phil was a true “nuts-and-bolts” engineer type who was fascinated by stealth technology, and mineralogy. He also held a deep interest in with the work of Nikola Tesla with respect to time variance mathematical equations.

Essentially, Phil Schneider’s material can be broken down into six distinct points:

1.            The Black Budget

2.            Deep underground Military Bases (DUMB’s)

3.            The “Dulce Wars”

4.            Advanced aircraft and Stealth Technology

5.            The “Alien Agenda”

6.            The New World Order (Global conspiracy to create a One World Government)

The Black Budget

According to Phil Schneider, for every year that goes by in the “white world” (defined as the world the general public lives in), forty-four years of research and development progresses in the so called “black world”. For example, if we take the date of 1947 (formation of the CIA, and alleged “alien” UFO crash at Roswell NM), this would mean that by 2011, defense contractors would have already made 2,816 years of progress with respect to cutting edge weapons research and advanced aerospace technology. Indeed, if this is the case, the general public is truly living in a “dream-world”, still forced to utilize antiquated internal combustion engines, and liquid rockets. Phil also stated that the military’s Black Budget is $508 Billion dollars per year, which is equivalent to eleven tons of one dollar bills.

Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMB’s)

Underground tunnel train

Underground tunnel train

During his lectures, Phil stated that there were at least 131 Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMB’s) which have been built in the United States since 1947. In fact, according to Phil, the United States has been building underground bases day and night unceasingly since the 1940’s. By late 1995, according to Phil, there were 1,477 (DUMB’s) throughout the world. Phil also mentioned that there were approximately three DUMB’s per state, and that the cost of each facility was between seventeen and twenty-six billion dollars. Many of these bases are over one mile deep, and have over four cubic miles of material removed. According to Phil, the bases are connected via a tunnel system that incorporates high speed mono-rail magneto “levaton” trains. In fact, according to a Los Angeles Times article dated June 11, 1972 the Rand Corporation has developed a tube-shuttle system that could take passengers and cars from New York to Los Angeles in a half an hour at speeds up to 10,000 mph.  The tunnels are created using nuclear powered laser drilling machines that can make up to seven miles of progress per day (see U.S. Patent 3,881,777 above issued May 6, 1975). The reality of a massive underground tunnel system is further supported by the ground breaking research of author Richard Sauder in his book Underground Bases and Tunnels. As Phil points out, the total number of DUMB’s does not match the total number of government officials that would need to be evacuated in case of a national emergency. This indicates that these underground facilities are being utilized for another purpose. According to Phil, sixty-two of these bases are used for housing short and tall “grays”, along with extraterrestrial craft.

The “Dulce Wars”

Archuleta Mesa – sight of the alleged Dulce underground base

Archuleta Mesa – sight of the alleged Dulce underground base

During August of 1979, Phil Schneider (government geologist, Skunk Works engineer and black ops contractor) was commissioned to take part in a deep drilling operation at Dulce NM.  During the sinking of the initial four shafts, it became clear that many of the lasers and mechanical components of the tunnel boring machine (TBM) were coming up broken. Mr. Schneider and a number of other geologists were elected to travel down the shaft via a basket to determine what the problem was. Upon arriving at the bottom of the shaft (which was 2-1/2 miles deep), a “horrible” discovery was made. It became immediately apparent that they had broken through into a large cavern that was infested with aliens. The creatures were described as a type 1 seven foot tall “grey”. Mr. Schneider was able to kill two of the creatures but was hit by a light green Cobalt radiation beam that was fired by one of the aliens. Badly injured and burned, but still alive, Phil was placed in the elevator basket and began the long trip to the surface, while an intense fire-fight continued to rage in the cavern below. In the commotion, a total of 66 secret service agents along with members of the FBI and black berets were struck and killed by the aliens. Phil was one of only three survivors of the event. This alleged confrontation has come to be known as the as the “Dulce Wars”.

Advanced Aircraft and Stealth Technology

F-117A Stealth Fighters in storage at Tonopah Test Range, courtesy USAF

F-117A Stealth Fighters in storage at Tonopah Test Range, courtesy USAF

Regarding TOP SECRET stealth aircraft, Phil Schneider made a number of absolutely incredible claims. Some of these claims appear to be inconsistent with the findings of established and well respected aerospace publications such as Janes Defense Weekly, and Aviation Week Technology. According to Phil, 157 F-117A Stealth Fighters were built which used LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), and CEIR (Computer Enhanced Imaging Radar), that has a resolution of one inch to 30,000 miles. Phil also stated that the remaining ninety-eight Stealth Fighters were signed over to the United Nations. At least two of these statements are completely false. Internal Lockheed (Burbank) records indicate that a grand total of fifty-nine F-117A Stealth Fighters were built, with the last one being delivered in the summer of 1990.

After retirement on April 22, 2008 a few aircraft were donated to museums, one was scrapped, and the remaining airframes were put into permanent flyable storage at TTR (Tonopah Test Range) in Nevada (see above photo). There is absolutely no record of any secret squadron of Stealth Fighters which were handed over to the U.N. In addition, Phil stated that the F-117A included as its arsenal, rockets, four large bombs, cruise missiles, cannon fire, and provisions for a second crew member in the nose. Each one of these statements is categorically false. The Stealth Fighter never had provisions for “hard points” which would facilitate in the launching of rockets. These attachment points would increase the RCS (Radar Cross Section) of the aircraft, thereby defeating its original intended purpose of evading enemy radar. The bomb bay in the F-117A was specifically designed to carry only two bombs (GBU-10 Paveway II laser guided). There simply is not enough room to carry four, let alone a significantly larger cruise missile. Phil’s statement that the F-117A incorporates provisions for a second crewmember is totally false. With all the room being taken up by the pilot, avionics, weapons, hydraulics, and the laser target designator, there is simply no space left for a second seat.

Stealth fighter controls

Stealth fighter pilot helmet (left) stealth fighter cockpit (right).

In addition, Schneider claimed that the F-117A was the first aircraft to utilize a special helmet worn by the pilot which incorporated “Psycho-energetic range finding technology”. This technology Schneider states was copied from the Russians. Essentially, the pilot thinks in his own language, which automatically arms his weapons. This statement is false. The helmets worn by Stealth Fighter pilots are standard issue USAF equipment. Lockheed was quick to realize that “re-inventing the wheel” would significantly increase the overall cost of the F-117 program. Therefore, pre-existing off the shelf components were used throughout the aircraft. A Forward looking Infrared (FLIR) system built by Texas Instruments was used for low level navigation and weapons aiming. This was used in conjunction with a color Multi-Function Display (MFD) manufactured by Honeywell. No “wizz-bang” techno helmets here.

In a few of his lectures, Phil claimed that the coatings on the F-117A glow red hot after each mission, and that they drip off (referred to as “Aurora drops”). Phil also stated that there is a “secret periodic table of elements”, and that the skins of the F-117 were made from Element 123 aka Unbitium (Ubt).  However, it is known that the structure of the F-117A is primarily built out of aluminum with a few engine/exhaust components made from Titanium. The exterior skin the F-117A is comprised of RAM (Radar Absorbent Material). Originally, this material was applied to the structure of the Stealth Fighter by way of large flexible sheets. Later on, the process was fully automated, and computer controlled spray nozzles were used. The exact composition of this material remains classified. However, it is known that RAM partially consists of thousands of tiny iron ferrite balls which help to absorb radar. Therefore, since the exact composition of RAM remains a closely guarded secret, there may be a sliver of truth in Phil’s statement regarding Element 123.

Another unsubstantiated claim made by Phil is that a material known as “Mirranite” is used in the construction of stealth aircraft. Phil also stated that both the F-117A and Northrop B-2 Stealth Bomber incorporate “alien metals” beyond Element 109. A search of the known periodic table of Elements yielded no such “Mirranite”. Also, it is well known that Carbon Fiber composites were used extensively in the building of the B-2. Phil states that the jet engines which power the Stealth Fighter use a nuclear reactor for high altitude flight. This seems totally absurd due to the fact that the F-117 is known to use two off-the-shelf General Electric F404-F1D2 turbo-fan engines. This is the same power-plant which is used on the F/A-18 Hornet. Down-sizing a nuclear reactor to fit inside the fuselage of such a small aircraft would be hard enough, not to mention radiation shielding issues, and contaminated radioactive nuclear fall-out material which would have exited the elongated exhaust ports.

According to Phil Schneider, the so called “guardians of stealth” are known as the MJTF (Military Joint Tactical Force). This consists of three groups of “Black Berets”/Delta Force teams. Since this cannot be independently verified, Phil’s claim regarding the authenticity of the MJTF must remain open to further examination. Multiple times during his lectures, Phil dropped the following two bombshells: 1) There are twenty-nine prototypes of stealth aircraft under development by the United States. 2) There have been two space shuttle prototypes built which can exceed 40,000 mph. Keeping in mind the billions spent on the military’s black budget, these two points seem feasible. Lockheed Martin and McDonnell Douglass (now Boeing) had multiple classified follow-on shuttle concepts which may have been funded in the early years of the Reagan administration. Schneider also claimed knowledge that “secret space shuttle missions” are flown once a week for the purpose of machining alien hybrid metals (scalenohedronel crystalline) into ingot and bar form. Once back on earth, the material is heated up (white hot), and rolled into very thin paper sheets which are used on the skins of various stealth aircraft. This seems unlikely unless a “secret space program” flew missions which were launched from Nevada’s secretive Area 51, or a remote launch complex somewhere out in the Pacific Ocean.

The Alien Agenda

According to Phil Schneider, the “Alien Agenda” was known by the U.S. government as early as 1933. The purpose being was the complete take-over of the world by aliens by the year 2029. Original notes from Schneider indicate that between January of 1947 and December of 1952 sixteen UFO crash/retrievals took place. Four occurred in Nevada, ten in New Mexico, and two in Arizona. These crashed/downed saucer retrievals resulted in the recovery of 117 alien bodies, with four being captured alive. The government contractor known as EG&G served as a consulting firm on alien related projects. Security and recovery of extraterrestrial or alien spacecraft was handled by a special military detachment known as the “Blue Berets” which fell under the jurisdiction of “Project Pounce”. It was said by Schneider that seven benevolent species of aliens are currently living on earth, as well as four evil species (partially confirmed by former CIA pilot John Lear, and retired Command Sergeant Major Robert Dean). A total of four treaties were signed between the aliens and the U.S. Government. The dates for these treaties were as follows: 1944, 1954, 1962, and 1979. In 1954, the “Greata” treaty was signed between the Eisenhower administration, the U.S. Navy, and a species of Grey aliens who originated from Zeta Reticuli. In essence, the Greata treaty was an agreement between the U.S. Government, and known malevolent aliens. The agreement allowed for the abduction, study, and genetic sampling of humans in exchange for alien technology.

It was later discovered that the Greys were abducting far more human subjects than originally planned, and that the entire alien situation had “gone off the rails”, and was beyond the capability of the U.S. Government to contain. This constituted the “terrible truth”, and provided further justification for the now 64 year old cover-up. The pre-determined meeting allegedly took place at Edwards Air Force Base. Persistent attempts by ufologists and historians alike have failed to conclusively prove the authenticity of this elusive story. As an interesting side note, just one year later on October 8, 1955 General Douglas MacArthur made the following cryptic remark before a young group of graduating cadets at West Point: “You now face a new world, a world of change. We speak in strange terms, of harnessing the cosmic energy, of ultimate conflict between a united human race and the sinister forces of some other planetary galaxy. The nations of the world will have to unite, for the next war will be an interplanetary war. The nations of the earth must someday make a common front against attack by people from other planets.”

Schneider also claimed that the ultimate goal of the SDI “Star Wars” program was to protect the earth from an alien threat. Apparently, according to Schneider, Offut AFB (Nebraska) is home to recovered alien bodies and craft along with the long rumored underground WPAFB facility at Dayton Ohio. Phil claimed firsthand knowledge that the United States Government had “piles of wrecked UFO’s”, and that these craft were being shot down at the rate of seven per month. In Russia, there were “football fields” full of junked UFO’s which were being shot down at the rate of one per day. Schneider also claimed knowledge that entrance into the Roswell craft and other extra-terrestrial vehicles was accomplished by dipping the craft into a super-cooled vat of liquid nitrogen, thereby making the hull of the craft brittle. In its weakened state, a pneumatic hammer was used to break open the outer hull. In very small collection of original notes by Phil Schneider, provided by his ex-wife Cynthia Drayer, it has been revealed that “Hittite like” cuneiform inscriptions were found on portions of the Roswell debris. In addition, lunar artifacts from the Aristarchus crater as well as artifacts on Mars were apparently shipped to Area S4 and 29 Palms Marine base in California. These artifacts are believed to have been procured during secret space missions that were outside the scope of the Apollo and Viking programs.

In private conversations with alleged Philadelphia experiment survivor Al Bielek, Phil stated that he was present at one particular meeting which included high level United Nations officials. The meeting was held in an undetermined underground location, and NOT the U.N headquarters in New York. According to Phil, this facility included large expansive meeting rooms (identical to the U.N.), and a specific “raised seating area”. In this elevated section sat multiple seven foot tall Grey aliens who were “dictating policy” to U.N. officials. Apparently the “Alien Agenda” had gotten so far out of hand, that the U.S. Constitution no longer held any legal standing, and international leaders were at the mercy of the Greys.

The New World Order

Among his most conspiratorial subjects, Phil Schneider constantly warned of a “global take-over” by the power elites, which would enslave humanity into a totalitarian dictatorship “police state”. In this “New World Order”, citizens would willfully hand over their civil liberties and freedoms in exchange for Government protection against “manufactured” terrorists threats. To facilitate this diabolical plan, and to “neutralize” any “patriots”, Schneider claimed that 64,000 black helicopters were built. However, he never revealed which defense contractor manufactured these helicopters, or where they were based. It’s believed that these black helicopters were built to monitor “domestic terrorists”. In addition, Phil stated that 107,200 prison boxcars have been built. These boxcars were said to incorporate 143 pairs of shackles each (enough for 15 million U.S. “dissidents” who refused to go along with the plan). These citizens would be shipped to one of the 600 pre-existing “FEMA detention camps” which were funded under the Reagan Authorized Rex 84 Project “Garden Plot”, and Operation “Cable Splicer”. The validity of such claims regarding “prison boxcars” remains a hotly debated subject on multiple conspiratorial websites.

The death of Phil Schneider

On January 17, 1996 an officer from the local Clackamas County Sheriff’s Department broke into Phil Schneider’s apartment. The officer was accompanied by Al Pratt who was leading regular bible study groups with Phil. Al had seen Phil’s car parked in the driveway, but there had been no answer at the door. Upon entry into the room, Phil’s body was discovered arched under an adjustable high-rise bed. His head was resting on a nearby wheelchair. It had been in the apartment for a week before it was discovered. Initially, the cause of death was determined by detective Randy Harris to be a stroke. However, this explanation is suspect for a number of reasons. In an unprecedented move which is against Oregon State Law, detective Harris released the body to Mount Scott Funeral Home without it first being examined by a coroner. Two days after Phil’s body was found, a startling discovery was made by the mortician at the funeral parlor. When Phil’s body was being prepared for cremation, a rubber surgical tube was discovered embedded in the folds of his neck.

The tube was wrapped three times around his neck, and was doubled knotted. Funeral director Rob Gasgill was furious at the discovery of an apparent murder weapon on his property. This is a gross oversight on the part of the Sheriff’s Department, and would have been discovered much earlier if a coroner had been called to the scene. This clearly should have triggered a full scale murder investigation. Eventually Cynthia Drayer (Phil’s ex-wife) ordered an autopsy which was performed by Medical Examiner Karen Gunson. However, according to Cynthia, the autopsy report contained “so many discrepancies, that it almost felt like it was not the body of Philip.” The report was inconsistent with what Cynthia knew regarding Phil’s physical body. Gunson made no mention of the metal plate in his head, or that his right lung had been removed. Dr. Gunson declared the cause of death to be “strangulation by ligature asphyxiation”. In other words, Phil Schneider’s death was labeled a “suicide”.

Although divorced at the time of his death, Phil’s ex-wife knew him well enough to determine that he would never commit suicide. He had strong religious convictions which forbade suicide. Cynthia is convinced that Phil was committed to living his life, and wanted to see his Daughter Marie grow up. In addition, Phil had future plans with his friend Mark Rufener to collaborate on a “tell all” book project which would reveal the truth about UFO’s, aliens, the black budget, and the New World Order. This explosive bomb-shell book was also to include a list of DUMB’s with their associated latitude and longitude coordinates. Unfortunately, Phil Schneider was murdered before this book could be published. Cynthia recalls that during one particular Thanksgiving meal, a sinister remark was made by George Schneider (Phil’s brother). The subject of Groom Lake came up, and Phil was discussing how George was a test pilot who flew TOP SECRET aircraft out of Area 51. George became noticeably anxious, and told Phil to stop talking about such things or “he might just end up dead”.

Phil Schneider’s legacy

Ultimately, Phil Schneider left behind many more questions than answers. A significant amount of material that he presented remains impossible to independently verify. His conspiratorial views of an imminent government take-over, with its associated “alien agenda” are now established pop-culture themes explored throughout countless blogs in cyberspace. Was he involved in the building of deep underground military bases? Financial records and documents saved by his ex-wife Cynthia Drayer indicate that he indeed was. Did he participate in the so called “Dulce Wars” of 1979? Until further supporting evidence is revealed, this question must remain in the so-called “gray basket”. However, Phil’s relentless crusade for additional government accountability is something that all Americans should take to heart.

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