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Leslie Kean and Jose Lay – Chilean Navy UFO Video – January 9, 2017

leslie joseOpen Minds UFO Radio: Journalist Leslie Kean recently posted an article in The Huffington Post about a two year investigation by the Chilean government’s official UFO investigation organization into a video captured by the Chilean Navy showing an object they cannot identify. The object was caught on an infrared camera, and according to the director of the UFO organization, “We do not know what it was, but we do know what it was not.”

The video was investigated by CEFAA, an organization in Chile’s equivalent of the FAA, which also falls under the jurisdiction of the Chilean Air Force. CEFAA has full cooperation with other branched of the Chilean government and also reaches out to other UFO research organization throughout the world.

In this interview, we discuss the case with Leslie and CEFAA Director of International Affairs Jose Lay.

To read more about this case, visit: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/groundbreaking-ufo-video-just-released-from-chilean_us_586d37bce4b014e7c72ee56b?lciacn1ruwjkmx6r

For more information about Leslie Kean, visit: www.ufosontherecord.com

For more information about CEFAA, visit: www.cefaa.gob.cl

Read more stories regarding CEFAA here.

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  1. You can’t see the aircraft in this video either- too strange!


  2. Its clear to me now, more than ever, that the alien visitations have been about gathering as much data, human DNA and Earth based lifeforms before we destroy ourselves. It’s apparent now that if we don’t kill the planet altogether by 2036, Apophis will. Do your homework. If they can travel light years in milliseconds, then they could easily modify an asteroids trajectory.

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