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  1. 65 years of wanting to know the truth, I’ve found it from images posted by JPL.
    When I find a object buried in the images from Mars I find the truth I’ve been looking for.
    Turning the objects into auto cad rendering makes clear what they may have been.
    Your readers who are on fence may need a little nudge. Look over my work and see
    if you can use it in future articles. Thank you, Doug


  2. when do I get my next issue of Open Minds magazine and how many issues are there per year

    thanks, mike heinz

  3. It’s pretty clear to me now after 40 years of studying the UAP phenomena that it is as real as you and me but so is the determination of those who will do EVERYTHING in their power to keep Disclosure from happening. But the human element isn’t alone in the desire to keep Disclosure from happening, otherwise we would have been visited and communicated with on a global level. I just hope that the Truth doesn’t involve us being genetic fodder for vastly superior beings or even worse, their food source.

    I have a longing desire to understand the Truth behind this mystery and the older I get, the more I want to know.

  4. It seems that my comments are being censored. I have been critical of your content only because I’m tired of the speculation and disinformation of some of your “news” articles. We in the Ufology Community need a source of news that is focused on reporting actual UFO (UAP) sightings. Is that too much to ask?

    But I’m grateful your website isn’t as bad as UFO Casebook or as disgraceful as ThirdPhaseOfMorons.

  5. Kenneth, we welcome critical thinking, and differing point of views. What we do not allow is name calling or rudeness. We do not feel we are speculative without identifying we are speculating, and we certainly do not include disinformation. If you feel otherwise, your posts will be approved as long as though you express yourself appropriately as you have done in your recent post.

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