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My name is Rebecca Lomas and I live in Milnrow near Rochdale, Lancashire, England. I am a Podiatrist by profession, but in my spare time my main interest has always been all things UFO related. I always keep up to date with UFO news and events and love both reading and writing about the subject. You will often find me walking the dogs whilst sky watching! I have a blog that I have been writing the last 6 years where people can report any UFO sightings in their area. You can see it at www.ourufosociety.com. Alternatively, if you would like to contact me, my email address is info@ourufosociety.com. I was also a regular contributor and columnist to UFO MATRIX and UFO TODAY magazines.

Interview with author of UFOs Over Romania

A UFO book gathering interest and momentum at the moment is ‘UFOs OVER ROMANIA’. In the west, little is known about its author, Dan D.Farcas PhD. With that in mind, I recently took the opportunity to interview Dan in order to try and learn a little more about his interests and how he became involved in UFO research in his home country of Romania.

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