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Video of UFOs over Lake Erie

Mysterious lights over Lake Erie aren’t uncommon, but a resident of Ohio recently captured some strange lights on video over the lake near his home in Eastlake. The witness, Michael Lee Hill, told the Cleveland Fox affiliate, Fox 8, that his video provides the first clear images of these lights.

The video shows multiple lights over Lake Erie. The lights vary in color, and may or may not be flashing or blinking. At times, the lights appear to hover, motionless in the sky, while at other times, the lights appear to slowly move through the sky, in different directions.

Hill says he has been filming Lake Erie UFOs for “a long time.”

According to Fox 8, a group that previously researched the strange lights over Lake Erie concluded that they were airplanes. Additionally, officials at nearby Hopkins International Airport told Fox 8 that planes from the U.S. and Canada frequently take off and land over the water.

Hill disagrees with the airplane conclusion, and points to his latest video as evidence.

Watch the video below:

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