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A UFO that was witnessed by many residents of the American Fork area of Utah in late January, and then again last week, has been identified . . . maybe.

Utah UFO identified?

Witness video of the UFO (credit: ABC 4 News)

Witness video of the UFO (credit: ABC 4 News)

A UFO that was witnessed by many residents of the American Fork area of Utah in late January, and then again last week, has been identified . . . maybe.

The mysterious object that multiple witnesses captured on camera was described as three red lights that hovered in formation and dropped bright, white-colored objects. Andrew Smith, an artist from Lehi, Utah, now claims responsibility for the strange lights in the sky. Smith told local ABC affiliate, ABC 4 News, “It was just for fun, it wasn’t meant to be a hoax, and it just turned into one.” The artist claims to experiment with lights and flares. Smith stated, “Let’s just say I use helium and it’s not Chinese lanterns up there nor planes with LED lights,” but he refuses to reveal exactly how he got the lights in the sky. The reason he provides for not revealing his secret is that he likes a little “skepticism and mystery.”

This failure to substantiate his claim leaves room for doubt.

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    Hmmm, after a really successful 60 year cover up, I don’t think I can buy this explanation.

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    You say he “leaves room”, i say he has a rather large HOLE, in his story. The mans calculated withholding of detailed information about the incident absolutely categorizes him as NON-credible.
    Though he may be incorporating a Houdini type mysticism to his artwork, is it more likely that this man was paid or pressured into making these statements?
    PRESS 1 for YES press 2 for NO.

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    Hi. If you go to youtube type ufo crash in mexico febuary 2010. Let no what you think. thanks you Jason and keep up the good work. Dave

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    I think that is BS. I have seen mulypile other videos in other states that depicts the same thing happening. A cpl red orbs in the night sky, dropping flashing white things. What they are and what the are dropping is a mystery all right, but is sure is not something that some local artist is creating. Also, funny how he can’t say how he is doing it. Huh?….KEEP BELIEVING>THEY ARE REAL and disclosure is comming! Keep the Faith!

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