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Teleporting superhero alien, or video game character?

Supposed security camera footage recorded in China on September 5 shows a person on a bike rescued by an unidentified hero who teleports the individual and the bike out of the way of an oncoming truck.

This video generated a mild buzz after it was uploaded to YouTube. Many viewers immediately postulated that the hero in this video was an extraterrestrial with superpowers. Others speculated that the video was a hoax manufactured by a creative CGI artist. But it appears that this “security camera footage” belongs to a collection of marketing videos for Chinese video game Zhu Xian 2.

‘Security camera footage’ on the dragon totem girl website. (Credit: http://x.wanmei.com/ / Perfect World)

Zhu Xian 2 is an online video game based on a popular Chinese internet novel called Zhu Xian, and was created by China-based entertainment company Perfect World–a company specializing in massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs). Gaming site OnRPG explains that Zhu Xian 2 is the prequel to Zhu Xian (known as Jade Dynasty in the U.S.)–a game in which characters are “descendants of gods who once ruled over the world.”

The “security camera footage” video is featured on a microsite for what appears to be a real-life representation of a character from this video game. She is referred to on the site as the “dragon totem girl.” The illustrated version of this character is on the game’s official website.

Although many people are just discovering the presence of this video on the “dragon totem girl” website, some have already suggested Perfect World is, for some reason, involved in a conspiracy to downplay this video and pass off what some assert is proof of a genuine super-powered extraterrestrial as nothing more than marketing material. What do you think? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below, or on our Facebook page.

***Thanks to Ryan Wa for bringing the video game to my attention.

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    Well, I know some people were quite excited about this, but I’m of the opinion that it’s NOT a conspiracy and this is in fact viral marketing as suggested by various facts.

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    I have studied this video and still cannot say that this is fake. Several things stand out,(1) as the truck approaches the bike it starts to vere to the left, which would be natural if the driver were braking hard and had already realised that he was going to hit the tricycle. (2) The driver immediatly gets ot of the truck and starts looking underneath, where you would expect the person and trike to be. (3) The trike rider after being teleported looks almost horrified as he starts to realise what has just occured, he turns towards the person/entity and leans away. to be honest I’m more inclined to believe that this video was found and used by the game company rather than the game company made the footage. Be great if we could get a professional opinion on this. It also brings to mind the footage last year in Indonesia of a teleport in a public car park which was also caught on CCTV!

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    Agreed. Gotta be a marketing ploy. Seems like the truck driver would’ve slammed on the brakes a little more aggressively if he was about to hit a dude on his bike. Plus dude on the bike plus the bad acting skills by the truck driver and the bicyclist.

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    With all due respect to Open Minds, why bother posting a story like this? This isn’t news, it’s just noise in the signal.

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    Mike – there are a lot of red flags as well which Jason and I will discuss in Friday’s episode of Spacing Out! The security camera is in China yet the time stamps etc are in English not Chinese, the truck stop is very unnatural. Plus the points you made could be attributed to acting, don’t you think? Most CCTV camera’s are also not that clear of resolution as well. But we’ll talk more about this Friday. Thanks for your comments.

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    The beauty of this video is that it is posed at night. The lighting does not change so one can stage any sort of scene. It remains exactly constant, no chance of shadow directions giving away the time it would take to set it all up.

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    Ricardo Tolomelli

    Well, first thought about this video was: why the truck headlights don’t change the shadows of the tricicle when it’s about to hit? That clearly shows me that the two vehicles were shot at different moments and then combined in video editing software. After watching the video on the game’s character website, I noted that the mark on the ground left after the “teleportation” is the dragon symbol in her belt.

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    Richard Dawkins

    You have to have an extra dose of idiocy to believe this video is real after reading this article, and visiting the website for the video game. You believe it is more likely the video game company “found” the video, and used it for marketing huh? Where did they “find” the video???

    Furthermore, idiots, a CCTV security camera would not record in 1080P.

    The tricycle travels at the same speed as the vehicles (if not faster) and the rider never pedals. Not once.

    The tricycle is normally a slow moving vehicle. He is clearly looking to the left- toward the oncoming truck- yet he does not brake.

    The behavior of the ACTORS… well… they’re actors.

    There are several other videos- all better quality- on the video game website showing the same type of teleportation powers.

    The video game itself features a character possessing the exact same powers shown in the video.

    The video time and date stamp coincides with the copyright for the website of the video game.

    There is no evidence anywhere in the world suggesting teleportation is possible. To jump to the most extraordinary conclusion- even after being provided with a more than viable explanation, constitutes cognitive dissonance… and sheer stupidity.

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    Watch this video in it’s entirety before making any judgments http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92gugBaSmdE it leaves the question open, why is there two different Chinese stamps for copyrighting, and also why does the video uploaded to YouTube have better quality. Those 2 facts could possibly suggest that the original video is out there somewhere and that the developers of this game didn’t make it.

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    Not possible to fake. Look at the moment when the truck nearly hits the motorcycle. The motorcycle is already in front of the truck, then consider the speed of both and how close they are to each other. Even if you wanted to cut the movie at that scene for a fake, it would have been to late to prevent the accident.

    In a second video. A media girl tries to explain, why it is a fake relating to the above mentioned video game. But the company delivers not a single piece of evidence here. She is just claiming. So is the company. There is no proof of production, and how the video is related to the supposed video game. The video game real life character doesn’t even look like the woman in the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oood4gGFasc

    And here is a clever guy, who noticed the differences between the supposed original video from the game site and the supposed fake. It’s exactly the opposite way around. He proofs clearly that the game site video is a copy of the original one from youtube! It’s obvious someone (government, intelligence??) tries to cover the truth: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92gugBaSmdE

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    Interesting arguments on both sides here, and good points as well. Why would a game company need to steal someone else’s video? But why would the video appear in different places with different Chinese characters hard stamped? I’m still undecided. Has everyone seen the movie ‘Looper’? Ok, have yall see The Matrix? Ok, then, Mr Anderson, why ask why? Go drink a Bud dry, have a good cry, wipe your eye, swat a fly, smile and wave at the sky, shout “Hi Mr Predator Drone, Hi!” then eat a nice piece of pie, cause it’s all relative, there is no spoon, and in a world devoid of reason, there is no reason.

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    If you actually nit pick at the video it becomes clear that it could not have been faked.

    1) The shadow created from the trucks headlights on the tricycle as it gets near to the tricycle actually morphs perfectly according to physics, which is impossible to replicate with video editing software. Also the shadow formed by the person morphs naturally as well.

    2) The truck slams on his brakes so hard that he actually breaks his tires loose and slides to a stop. This becomes clear when you notice the tire marks on the ground after the incident, which are not there beforehand, and also the delayed but very quick stop (Basic Physics) which occurs when tires are broken loose.

    3) The video game that claims responsibility for the video has other videos which look nothing similar and are obviously video edited.

    4) The amount of money required to make this video is insane for a video game company to shell out for a 30 second clip to advertise a game. They would need to close down a public intersection, pay 5 actors, a camera crew, and a video editor. The camera time and video editing alone make it not worth it in the slightest, but what do I know, I simply use my brain.

    5) Decide for yourself. Examine the video closely, evaluate without prejudice, and the truth will find you.

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    despite most people who read the article there say that its too good to be fake… its fake. the logo of that game char appears on the road at the spot where the tricycle fellow was rescued from.. (check out the hd version in the game) it then slowly disappears.

    to think of it as a coverup of real ET life…
    i dont think aliens would hav a registered trademark so that they can leave the mark behind whenever they teleport.

    but im very disappointed!
    with so many unanswered questions and mysteries in life… i thought this was true

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    Srikanth, why do you possibly give the website version which is obviously an edited video any credit at all?

    In the original video there is no trademark logo, there are two black streaks made from a skidding vehicle…

    And who said that the video has any ET’s in it? I see a girl, a human girl with superhuman abilities.

  15. avatar

    Hi all,

    It seems so clear to; it is NOT an edited version of a real video; it is all made using a 3D software like 3DS Max or Maya, so they did NOT need camera crew, actors, etc. The other version I also saw seems like a blurred version of this video, just to make it more like a real CCTV one. In fact, I was so disappointed when I saw the version on the game site, because if I have seen it earlier, I would NOT believe it is real for a second. I believe the meta-physics, but hey, this is not a proof!

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    Do all CCTV cameras in China record at 720p resolution and 30 frames/second !? :O
    Look at the timecode.

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    Hello, Who ever reads this watch this video I think that this is someone who is scared to show a real power. I think it is real because it shows a man get saved by a unknown person. yes i just said person a man is living in this world for a really good deed. you can say what ever you want to say they say it is fake i have seen things but you will never see a man get saved like that again in your life i now you might believe in something else but tell me you can do or make a real video or find someone that can do that just like that. when you do tell me.

  18. avatar

    @Richard Dawkins: It’s one thing to be skeptical, but it’s a whole other ballpark when you choose to be a nickname for Richard about it. #You are so rude. You have no right to call these people idiots, stupid, or anything of the sort. What’s really ignorant is to blindly follow your skepticism as if nothing out of the realm of your standard reality is possible. The website is called Open Minded for the purpose of letting OPEN MINDED INTELLECTUALS examine unexplained phenomena in a friendly non-judgmental atmosphere. You have tainted that atmosphere with your unnecessary negativity. Regardless of the video’s origin, or status as real or fake, you can give your OPINION in a clear concise manner without the use of offensive implications . Because, after all, you stated an OPINION, which is no more factual, or true than any of the others. Until you can summon either the actors/or witnesses, or the potential producers of the film, you cannot claim that your opinion is factual, and that the video game company wasn’t paid by officials to take responsibility for the footage.

  19. avatar

    I am very impressed by the opinions of different members here.. I really start to believe your points.

    till now, i thought that its for game promotion but after reading comments here i got many different views which actually nails the fact…

    i am confused with what is truth.
    two possibilities,
    1. This video is fake, made for game promotion.
    2. Government or someone is trying to hide truth…

    stay blessed…

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    I’m not sure why some think there is bad acting involved. Bad actors tend to overact and/or be stiff/not natural. All three persons in the video seem to me to behave perfectly natural in their respective roles. Doesn’t prove the video is real, but it makes it more believable in that regard.

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    What I don’t understand is the two vehicles who travel through the intersection at the very beginning of the video. The black vehicle turning right from top road, and the white vehicle turning left from the road on the right. This event takes place twice, with the exact same vehicles and with the exact same turning direction. WEIRD 0.o

  22. avatar

    @Madame_Alice, thanks for volunteering the role of “Mommy” on this thread. Now, can I have a cookie before I go to bed please?…*smh*

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    I was amazed at this video. After looking at it many times and reading the comments, I think it is very possible that it is a real video that has been edited to be a fake video. Mis-direction is governments number one tool for covering the truth about things. The reason you see the same cars and the beginning of the film is because they are the same cars the film clip has be edited (Lara). The time stamp is the same for both times the cars come by.
    Two thumbs up to Madame_Alice for reminding us that we all have opinions. I don’t have to agree with yours but I will respect your right to have one, and not call you names like a third grader on the playground at recess when yours opinion does no agree with mine. And I want wear my heart on my sleave if you say or act in a unbecoming manner. I will be strong and mature and use my brain to think about what has been seen and said.

  24. avatar

    people, why are we such skeptics?? why is there a lot of people in doubt about this happening.. why?? do you not believe that something or someone might have done this good thing?? id be happy if all people could open their minds. maybe someday something bad will happen to you and you dont want that to happen right, lets not wait until something has happen and then we appreciate what something good is out there.. lets just thank God that if that was real, that man was saved by that girl..

  25. avatar

    How come no one mentions the figure that appears at 3:33 . As for the validity of the tape, I don’t know enough about “editing/3-D, etc” to make an intelligent opinion statement. I remain open-minded.

  26. avatar

    Where is the man who was saved from angel in china

  27. avatar

    Here’s my take on this amazing controversial video that I’ve seen for the first time, today. If you look at the beginning you’d see the two first cars that appear are moving at a slow speed of rate (let’s consider that they’re going by the speed limit) Then we have this fast moving truck almost blazing through the streets, i find this particularly odd. Also I’d like to point out the uncanny breaking of the truck and from the speed in which it was going would be very difficult for an everyday driver to react so precisely, especially at night. Now we have this unknown hero make a dramatic entry just as the man in the tricycle was about to meet his fate. Again it was too precise, if she had that much precision and knew what was about to happen, why did she wait at the last second? You’ll also notice by the way she walks it’s almost too fast of a normal pace as if the camera was running at a different rate. Well that’s my opinion and as much as i would love to believe it’s true as i know many people do, my logical thinking just wouldn’t let me. D:

  28. avatar

    To those who really believe this is real… you guys live very boring lives, don’t you?

  29. avatar

    Realy. A game from china… why wasnt this game heard of befor these viral videos? I dont know of any game with real Camara footage like this. From yhe store footages to the boardwalk footages.

  30. avatar

    Just got to say this is not from Jade dynasty that video might be a fake but that is the complete wrong game I work with perfect world as a Art and Animator if we want to get people to play the next game we would show off the gameplay or a new story scene but it’s going to be In 3D I am not sure where this is from but it’s not from us

  31. avatar

    All 3 of the video’s of this person is not of Dragon totem girl, actually it’s not a girl at all, he is a man. He is wearing a baseball cap, you can see the rim of the beak on the hat as he turns to look at the girl after moving the shopping cart. also in another video his forehead starts glowing like his napsack, i think the glow is an emblem on the cap and could be a clue as to whom this person is.

  32. avatar

    lmao you guys seriously dont get that this is a video game trailer ? lol so many sheep lol

  33. avatar

    an it is very easy to edit an make a video go viral just by having people like well.. this whole forum chattering its an Angel or god. lol its a game called angel racers lmao wow

  34. avatar

    Dragon Totem Girl (Zhu Xian 2)

  35. avatar

    the incident is real! who knows how the gamers got a hold of the video but thatz driven by pure capital !!everything after the original version is fake! naysayers would alwayz have us believe that we as humans r not of an intelligent species. the human race went from caveman, covered wagons, model T’s, to the now supersonic transport which can make a trip from new york 2 london in about 2hours! time travel or teleportation is next! 2 seconds from ny 2 london…duuh, pay attention!! intelligent open minded humans embrace evolution. everybody else, weeell…..will probably be afraid 2 jump into a portal 2 travel somewhere. u know those humans, the ones afraid of computers or dont know wut the “E” in email means? there r many ways 2see a thing as there r people 2see it, however, the enlightened will embrace our intelligence smoothly and with more vigor. hope im alive 2see more…YES!!!

  36. avatar

    Julian, can’t find any game called Angel Racers.

  37. avatar

    Oh God… The footage was made at night. Why? Because sun could provide moving shadows, so one couldn’t have tempered it. Do aliens walk like girls? I shoud get one! No one notes that the timer was added after the footage was made. So many people testing the film with all kind of software and anyone notices resolution issues here. Some thing one should be aware: If I was driving the byke, first, I would noticed the truck lights ( easily at night! ) and tried to turn away from it: The man didn’t even look at it. Second, if something flashy and running directly to me at that speed, I surely had a stroke! With all due respect to anyone here, I think we’re looking to third world childs play. Do I believe in other civilizations out there? Yes, I do, but reasonably and not at all cost, specially at the expenses of my inteligence.

  38. avatar

    I’m a video editor, motion graphics artist and VFX compositor. This is very easy to fake and well within the budget of a video game company. Locked-off camera, actors who could double the roles, no shadows from the sun to worry about. Just plan the action based on what would “really” happen, shoot the segments then composite them in post, adding light blooms, flashes, blur, shadows and so on. Easy peasy.

    Reality is about probability. A fake is much more probable than a supernatural event, and this is an easily-accomplished and easily-explained fake. There are plenty of unexplainable things out there; this isn’t one of them.

  39. avatar

    I’m sorry to those who believe in the film and for those who are experts in Video Editor… But where are the Tires mark on the road after the truck press the breaks ?? 🙂

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  42. avatar

    There’s a bit of detail in the video that I don’t see comments on. The person rescuing the biker seemed to be a person made of light with hands of light and a face of light. It’s hard to catch, but the rescuer actually spends a moment to detach themselves from the bike in a strange way and then hides their hands in their pockets. Then, the rescuer’s face is lit up. Then again this happens as the rescuer quickly and slightly looks up as they walk away. Personally, I don’t see there is fake acting. Both the driver and the biker seem stunned, trying to make sense of what just happened.

  43. avatar

    I took the video apart (D/L’d it) and found that the”glowing person” (GP) isn’t really walking. GP is standing astride before bringing it’s legs together in what could be described as a detachment of its feet while sliding foward. It’s a good imitation, but sliding always with the right foot forward and opening and closing the legs makes for a really interesting study. Also, there are rings left at both “blink” sites that slowly fade. And there are two round glowing marks to the left and above the manhole cover that fade just after the first two cars pass. Also, last point, someone might want to do some geometry on the triangle that is formed and seems to be maintained while all the characters move about in the aftermath.

    Easily this easily that … too much detail in what I see as quirky behaviour. Someone could try to recreate that walk or pass it through some forensics.

  44. avatar

    I took a closer look at this today (frame by frame, zoomed in, even up side down). I have no doubt someone could recreate this: I wouldn’t bet against it. If someone does, however, make a reasonable facsimili, I would bet against them including all the various nuances (about a half dozen). As a hoax, this ranks as best. It would have taken a very smart person to include all the various intricate details a while to plan and have those characters pull it off so seemingly/genuinely interconnected. Teleportation as a title and theme doesn’t do it for me though. Try in the Nick of time.
    A sample for inspecton/investigation is the interplay of the truck driver and that being thingy with the glowing appendages: a dark spot grabs his arm above the elbow, his shirt is held and he walks in a seemingly stagger style right in lockstep with the thingy being. There’s more and the coincidences of timing are astounding.

  45. avatar

    One FACT stands out: there is a reflection from two bright spots originating from a manhole cover near the center of the intersection onto the side of the truck just before it stops. Rethink any reason a hoax or (unadorned) game promo would include such. And really, a game promo is an idiotic suggestion given the video alone does not in any way promote the game (no branding). Besides, the length of the video is a clue as to all the activities taking place. I’ve seen a another (proof of concept/hoax) video using the teleportation theme: much shorter.

    The article plays on circumstantial evidence to provide the promo theory: the author is lazy in his assessment.

  46. avatar

    I thought the ‘angel’ had the walk and figure of a girl but stranger things than this happen in real life anyway so this vidoe is good in that it makes people thin about angels.

  47. avatar

    The strangest thing .A friend of mine recently brought me a video he took .He has a security camera set on his backyard.Well he noticed something darting around at an amazing speed so he filmed it.COULDNT BELIEVE MY EYES.It is quit lengthy.It shows an enity moving about to and frp and it is so fast its incredible.This thing if it were wearing clothes would be right on.But it was a white glow ftom head to toe.It even stopped several tomws in front of the camera
    Look at the hands and face of enity on video.Human form but white glow.I believe the veils are lifting and btw.Im SURE a China video co.was NOT in North Ga.messing around in Billys backyard that night.Why is it we can say we believe in angels but when you finally get proof its like nah..not real.End days .Veils lifting.God is more real than all your nahs put together.Looks like the Second Coming is ccloser than we thought.Get ready to ride.

  48. avatar

    Hey if the video is faked and used for advertising the new videogame, why is there no official statement about it, from the game manufacturer? If you found it please comment with the link to it, thank you
    Several people have deeply analyzed it, and there conclusion is if the tape where the girl saves the man on bike from crash is fake, then its really really good.
    And if the company faked it, they should have no problems to show officially the proof how they did it, including statements off the 3 Actors in the video

    And finally my personal opinion, if the tape is NOT faked, then many goverments, and agencies would do everything to cover it up, think off it as the movies X-men, the people in power would be scared off humans with supernatural powers especially with teleportation skills, because they would not be able to control them, like they (trying to) do with humanity!
    And off course if the video is Not faked, then at least 3 people on this planet KNOWS it, The girl, the truckdriver, and the man on the bike, plus the 2 men probably told friends and family about it.
    I believe their is many things that can’t be explained, but it does not mean its not real!

    Comment to Crominho’s comment

    I’m sorry to those who believe in the film and for those who are experts in Video Editor… But where are the Tires mark on the road after the truck press the breaks ?? 🙂

    Please look closer Crominho, there is two black stribes after the truck passes 🙂
    If you can’t see them, i don’t know which video you looking at.

  49. avatar

    This video is real 95%

  50. avatar

    im trying to research on this video,in research i have also found some more similar videos and they also belongs from china.i dont what to say but it seems that this girl is in china or maybe was in china.

  51. avatar

    I support the thesis that it is a fake video made composing different shootings: the truck alone, with real breaks and stop. The tire marks can be seen after the logo of the video game disappears: the tire marks must have been real with an editing to make appear the logo for a moment. The biker and the rescuer in two other shootings, before/during supposed inpact and later in the displaced position.
    Chosing a night shot could be also determined by the easier permission to close streets because of less traffic at night. It must not be overwhelmingly costing, or costing at all: they do it all the time in the making of films and they just need local administration permission I guess. The same goes for any race (bike race for example) even of the lowest level, amateur ones included, who cannot afford to pay for blocking roads for them, and yet these are.
    And finally, the company author of the game play might have a good reason not to claim the video has been made by them, exposing thus as fake: by letting the doubt that it is real the video has gone viral and their video game has received a level of advertizing that it would not have had otherwise.
    But my determining factor for considering it fake is the records in English on the video, why camera is written in English and not in Chinese? That could be another strategy to make it viral and reach markets outside China.

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