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Triangle UFO moves 150 feet over Ohio Turnpike

The witness first noticed the object as it was moving over the Ohio Turnpike under 150 feet. Pictured: Intersection of Route 475 and the Ohio Turnpike. (Credit: Google)

An Ohio witness at Toledo driving south along Route 475 approaching the Ohio Turnpike underpass reported watching a fast-moving triangle UFO under 150 feet, according to testimony in Case 61353 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. “I ...

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Triangle UFO photographed in Texas


Witnesses photographed a triangle shaped UFO in the sky above Amarillo, Texas on Monday, March 10. Defense technology blog Ares on the Aviation Week website explains that the craft was photographed by both Steve Douglass and Dean Muskett. This mysterious ...

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David Marler – Triangular UFOs – October 14, 2013


Open Minds UFO Radio: Although there have been some investigations and analysis done on triangular UFOs, until now no one had written a book compiling the sightings to take a closer look on this aspect of the UFO phenomenon. David Marler has done this in his book Triangular UFOs, and what he has found is astonishing.

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