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New information suggests the object could have been debris from a foreign country's space craft.

Peruvian fireball UFO identified . . . maybe

A Progress spacecraft (credit: NASA)

As we reported last week, a fireball UFO plunged to Earth on Thursday, August 25 in Cusco, Peru. According to CBS News, the object was initially suspected to be a meteorite. But new information suggests the object could have been debris from a foreign country’s space craft.

The Peruvian military has reportedly been actively searching for the object in the outskirts of Cusco for several days, complete with helicopters and “commando units.” According to news site Tiwy.com, “The Peruvian authorities have been warned by a ‘certain friendly government’ that ‘most likely’ the debris of the space truck ‘Progress M-12M’ have dropped on the territory of the country.” Progress M-12M was an unmanned Russian space craft launched on August 24 on a resupply mission to the International Space Station. Shortly after launch, a malfunction was detected, and communication with the craft was lost.

The Peruvian military hasn’t found anything yet. So until they do, the strange object that burned through the sky of Cusco is still unidentified.

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