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UFOs over atomic plants – Part 3

We publish the third and last installment of the original series that appeared in The News World’s “UFO Supplement” in March 1982, under the pseudonym of A. Hovni. Based on then recently declassified documents from the USAF, FBI, AEC (Atomic ...

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Russian military spooked by UFO

The case occurred in the village of Lesopilniy in the Khabarovsk region in Russia’s Far East and it involved dozens of witnesses, including soldiers at a military base nearby who fired artillery shells at the UFO without harming it.

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Not all UFOs are flying saucers

The savvy Ufologist knows that the word flying saucer was coined by the press when in 1947 pilot Kenneth Arnold described the objects he had seen as being like saucers skipping over the water.

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