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Morgan Freeman ponders extraterrestrial life on his Science television show.

Morgan Freeman discusses extraterrestrials on TV show

Academy Award-winning actor Morgan Freeman currently hosts a show called Through The Wormhole on the Discovery Network’s Science channel. Freeman “challenges viewers to ponder the bold questions surrounding life and existence,” according to the Hollywood Reporter.

A Huffington Post article recently stated, “For Freeman, exploring the questions of space and existence has been a longtime love, borne of his interest in science fiction. It was that fiction that opened his eyes to the possibilities of reality . . .”

Freeman ponders extraterrestrial life on the show:

We’ve seen different manifestations of others’ imaginations of aliens. Aliens could look like anything; it just depends a lot on their environment. [We portray them as having] two arms, two legs, a head, two eyes, a nose, two ears, and that’s not necessarily [true] at all. They could look more lizardly, they could look like anything,” Freeman muses. “There’s just no way of knowing.

Through the Wormhole is in its second season on Science. The show explored the topic of extraterrestrial life last season, and continues to do so this season.

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