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UFO Sighting Reports

UFO sightings and reports.

UFO case files revealed pt VII

The principle eyewitness stated that he saw equally spaced windows along the entire craft which was described as enormous in size (about the length of two Nimitz aircraft carriers).

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August UFO Sighting Reports

This is a collection of sighting reports received by Open Minds during the Last week of August. Names have been removed to respect the privacy of those who have submitted. Sighting: Date: July 15, 2010 Time: 11:30 P.M. Location: Bismarck, ...

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UFO Photographs from Entre Rios, Argentina

At 15:00 on 6 September 1970, young Sergio E. Schlimovich, preparing to photograph the Parana River from the terraza of his home, saw and shot 2 color photographs of a shiny, circular metallic-looking, disc-shaped object flying low in the air beyond an antenna station nearby.

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