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Bob Lazar Documentary Sneak Peak

Bob Lazar made Area 51 famous with his claims that he worked on a project to back engineer alien spacecraft at a location called S4 near the secretive Area 51 base. For decades after Lazar’s claims were well-known, the government denied the existence of Area 51 until finally conceding its existence 4 years ago. This entire time, Lazar has stayed off the radar and few have heard a word from him. He appeared once at the International UFO Congress but again has kept to himself. Fortunately, one filmmaker has been allowed access to extensively interview Lazar. Filmmaker Jeremy Corbell won an EBE Filmfest Award for his short documentary on Bob Lazar, and now he is completing a full-length version that will be out in December. He has provided us this early look into the secret life of Bob Lazar.

This sneak peak’s description reads: Area 51, flying saucers from another world – and the program to create a fierce technology. Bob Lazar has lived a wild life. He remains the singular most famous and controversial name in the world of UFOs. The reason you know about Area 51 is because Lazar came forward and told you about it. His disclosures have turned his life upside-down and he has tried to stay out of the spotlight. For this reason, he has never let any filmmaker into the private world of his daily life – that is – until now. Corbell’s film will explore Lazar’s claims through the lens of thirty years – providing rare and never before revealed footage – guaranteed to alter the landscape of the debate.

A Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell film.

Learn more at extraordinarybeliefs.com/films/#/lazar/

Watch Bob Lazar’s UFO Congress speech here or buy on DVD here.


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  1. I can’t wait for this film. Hopefully if we keep kicking up enough dirt the government won’t have any choice but to disclose everything they know.

  2. I wonder what BOB LAZAR thinks of the RECENT **(UFO / TIC TAC / DOD)** videos from the TTSA and LUIS ELIZONDO?

  3. Quween Starfire New Age Sparkleness

    Stanton Friedman exposed the lie of Bob Lazar graduating MIT. Let’s be kind and say Lazar’s educational records were erased. This leaves us with element 115, key to ET propulsion, which Lazar claimed was stored at area 51, something like 500 lbs. Lazar also claimed to have acquired some element 115. Thing is, element 115 is UNSTABLE, there can not be 500lbs of it sitting on a shelf. When element 115 was discovered, in all its UNSTABLE glory, Lazar claimed the element 115 HE was referring to was an isotope of 115 that IS stable. So much for Lazar NEVER changing his story.

    Also regarding element 115, Lazar not mentioning the exact isotope is equivalent to an atomic physicist not being able to distinguish between Uranium 238 and Uranium 235. Lazar is certainly capable of some garage style technology by his own hands, and runs a scientific supply business. Returning to the physics proposed by Lazar, irrespective of element 115’s stability, Lazar’s propulsion ideas have been debunked, his stuff won’t work as he claimed.

    So people, place your bets.

  4. You do not know what you’re saying. Friedman a few years ago was the statements of Bob Lazar, today surely he regrets what he said about his person. If you want evidence of Bob Lazar’s assertion, go to Papoose Lake if you have the courage to show whether what he said is real or not. People who do not study the subject will always deny what Bob is talking about. As proof he showed a form that he was paid by an American navy department when he was in s4. George Knapp personally saw the piece of element 115 and showed evidence that he would have worked in Los Alamos. His whereabouts are secret to preserve Lazar’s life. This piece would serve as a shelter for his life.

  5. There are problems with Bob Lazar’s story that will be ignored by this documentary. The main one is how Mr Lazar was able to start work immediately when he had no Top Secret security clearance. Those can take six months or more to complete before anyone would be able to start work on any classified material Mr Lazar claims to have worked on.

    There are also questions about the alleged pay stub as Mr Lazar was not employed by the military but a contractor. The contractors pay a person not the one using the contractor. (Or at least that is how it was done with me.)

  6. Alejandro Rojas

    Lazar’s claims are highly controversial, as we can see in your comments. I outline some of the difficult aspects of the case in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LoAX1mhrbXU. BTW, in the video I am not claiming Lazar is putting out disinformation, but I am drawing similarities to a real disinfo scandal that may or may have been an official disinfo project. Just a couple points. The issue with his education have not been resolved. His claims in that regard do not appear to be accurate. Friedman does not regret any of his criticisms. I know this from recent conversations, and his arguments are still valid, imho. But Friedman does not disregard Lazar off-hand. This is a strange case, and I think there is much more to it than just some guy making up stories. I am excited for the documentary to shed some more light on this fascinating story. Area 51 has become a part of American history.

  7. Quween Starfire New Age Sparkleness

    To commenter Michael, you state: “If you want evidence of Bob Lazar’s assertion, go to Papoose Lake if you have the courage to show whether what he said is real or not.” Go to Papoose Lake? IF Lazar’s assertions regarding his physics are true, I need not go anywhere. I don’t have to go to Princeton to realize the work of Einstein. Lazar’s pay stub you refer to prove he worked for Kirk Mayer, a contractor. You mention Lazar’s whereabouts are “secret” to preserve his life. False. Lazar is not in hiding. Friedman never regretted what he proved about Lazar lying about graduating from MIT. Element 115 is UNSTABLE, read my original comments. I don’t care if Lazar graduated from MIT or the David Adair school of symbiotic spacecraft propulsion. I care only if the physics works. Lazar’s physics don’t work.

  8. I wannt you guys remember that he inded has some knowledge.They did take his papers away to make him look not scienfitic at all.They discretided him bveacuse what he done on tv.In short thaey take any of his papers but never ever can tak awy what he learened and what knew and know.He even stated that he does not cxare whatever you guys belive him or not he knew what he saw there.And that is enough.If i woud be a hungirian miniszter i would invite him a space ship project and see what is about.

  9. Being interviewed is easy if you tell a great story. That is how all the TV shows stay on. They have to recreate everything. But you would think after 25 years in the UFO world there would be real proof. Pictures, well my friend and I shot over 2,000 pictures and many video of UFO’s aliens and creatures. That is not very much proof and a story is even worse as proof.
    If anyone is still talking important info they will disappear or be killed. I know five people personally. No one is under the radar – no one. If they are talking they are because they are letting them.
    For all the fools that think the Government is going to allow full disclosure guess you know nothing about WAR. If they don’t want you to talk you do not. BUT check out JOHN FORD- his court case should be the 6th of June. Unless the Gov stops it again. But the lawyer says he can sue everyone right now.

  10. To commenter Quween Starfire New Age Sparkleness. While it is true that the element 115 synthesized is unstable, the current theory of nuclear structure of the atom, predicts a stability island for superheavy elements. Thus, surprisingly, elements with a great number of protons could be, in theory, stable. However, the predictions point out that this island is near the element 120 rather than 115. Then, according to what we know about nuclear physics, Lazar’s claims seem to be not that absurd.
    Nevertheless, it is also odd to me that he can’t specify the isotope of element 115 he worked with. However, I don’t recall someone asking him about this in an interview.

  11. Quween Starfire New Age Sparkleness

    To commenter MattRaiser. Lazar changed his story after 115 was discovered. Here is just one account of his alteration: “In 2014, Lazar was interviewed by Geroge Knapp where they discussed ‘Element 115’ or Ununpentium where Lazar dismissed early findings surrounding Element 115, stating that he was confident that further testing will produce an isotope from the element which will match his initial description.” (source https://www.matrixdisclosure.com/element-115-ununpentium-moscovium/)

    Lazar: “They made just a few atoms. We’ll see what other isotopes they come up with. One of them, or more, will be stable and it will have the exact properties that I said,” Lazar told Knapp. Wait! So now Lazar is claiming that the isotope with the magical properties will become named by Lazar ONLY after it is named by someone else who discovers it? We can dismiss Lazar’s claims right there. Dismissed, with extreme prejudice.

    As I point out in my earlier comments physicists would NEVER mistake U238 versus U235.

  12. To commenterQuween Starfire New Age Sparkleness. Like I said, it bothers me that Lazar cannot tell which isotope of 115 is used as fuel, and yet he does know other properties such as its melting point. Do you remember if someone asked him which is the exact isotope in an interview or twitter?

    Lazar also state that the power source of the saucer was 100% effective, violating the laws of thermodynamics, which is or seems absurd. It is true that his educational records are a mistery, but the guy knows one or two things about physics, why would he make such a claim? He said, it seems impossible but.. it works.

  13. I cannot wait to see this documentary. big fan of Bob Lazar and i believe his story 100%
    he has nothing to gain by telling lies… his story has never changed and he is supported by George knapp
    who i have great respected for
    looking forward to seeing it i dont expect to see or hear anything new because Bob has said what he has to say and everything been covered but still nice to see a fresh look at this fantastic subject
    I hope it come out on DVD too and if dont believe him fine then move on there is nothing for you here

  14. All you guys bashing him on the element 115 show your credentials and study’s of element 115 where YOU actually worked with it. The guy told us about the element almost 30 yrs ago and it was not even known to exist then. I know I can’t remember ever little detail of my life from 25 to 30 years ago. If something is new and undiscovered it will change drastically over 30 yrs the more it’s worked with. You guys just don’t like to think there’s something more intelligent. You are closed minded to think we are the ONLY ones to exist in an infinite world.

  15. A) Despite all the trouble it has caused him, Lazar has stuck to his story for over 30 years. That takes courage.
    B) The feds wouldn’t being going after him if he weren’t really, really important.
    C) Lazar spoke about Element 115 twenty-four years before it was “discovered.”
    D) Mickey Rourke’s sloppy voiceover was a distraction but they needed a marquee name for bigger sales.
    E) Why didn’t they reveal Lazar was adopted, as reported by Linda Howe? It would have personalized him even further.
    E) Forget the distracting foo-foo entertainment aspect of this film. It’s a documentary.

    For people like me who’ve researched Lazar and his story, very little of this is new except the biometric hand scanner and a powerful demonstration that the feds are still monitoring Lazar, ostensibly to get the element 115 (Unumpentium/Moscovium) he’s supposed to have. (Why? Because it would prove his story or because we don’t want the Ruskies to have it?)

    For people who are new to Lazar, this film could be a confusing disappointment, as it falls short of presenting a clear picture of the significance to humankind of the implications that the existence of highly advanced extraterrestrial beings and lacks a cogent thread that bewildered newcomers could hang onto. Neither George Knapp nor the filmmaker Jeremy Corbell show they get it. Clearly Lazar gets it, but he doesn’t elaborate.

    The film also lacks important historical background. Details such as Ben Rich’s revelatory comments about Area 51 and the Roswell weather balloon hoax would orient newcomers to the significance of Lazar’s story. Failure to dramatize the extent of physical intimidation and harassment of Lazar means cheats the viewer of a full appreciation of the extent to which the government/CIA/Majestic 12/whoever have gone to suppress the truth about ET existence.

    Majestic 12 was hardly mentioned. Stanton Friedman wasn’t mentioned. J. Allen Hynek wasn’t mentioned. Nor was Project Bluebook nor Project Redbook. Just because Lazar doesn’t care about these historical features doesn’t mean they are not relevant. They illustrate the extent of government deception regarding the ET phenomena.

    The film’s technical weaknesses are glaring. Cut those repetitive clips of silly graphics and nuclear explosions and replace them with scenes dramatizing Lazar’s CIA harassment, like the time his car was broken into and the Uzi left out on his front seat.

    For thousands of years, the masses have been exploited by the power elite by feeding them lies that prey upon their fears. They told us Earth was flat. Nazis told their masses certain races were sub-human. Trump’s been telling us climate change is a hoax.

    The truth is that ET technologies are here and they’re thousands of years ahead of where we were in 1947 when the alien spacecraft crashed at Roswell, and the Air Force told us it was a weather balloon. The truth is, implementation of advanced ET technologies would reverse the destructive effects of fossil fuels. But the power elite is too invested in oil and dirty energy to allow that to happen.

    Decades of airborne phenomena prove that the military has been exploiting ET technologies. It’s time to free science from the shackles of ignorance and begin implementing ET technologies in the civilian domain. The earth is not flat anymore than climate change is a hoax.

  16. The one thing that I cannot get my head around is why the top secret “hand scanner” nobody could explain in the late 80’s was already featured as a prop in Spielberg’s 1977 film “Close Encounters”. Go to 43:24 and you will see exactly the same hand scanner, in a hollywood movie, a decade before Lazar appeared. 40 years before his revelation about finally seeing one in a picture. Why didn’t he just tell us it was just like the one in the most famous UFO feature film? Identical …

  17. Stanton Friedman provided documentation that Bob Lazar graduated in the bottom third of his high school class. That will NOT get you into MIT. Friedman could only find transcripts for Lazar at a junior college where he took chemistry classes during the time he was supposed to be at MIT. At the time of his interview for his security clearance, Lazar was asked if he knew John Lear and what was his association with him. Why? Lazar’s security clearance only took weeks to obtain instead of the standard 6 months to a year. Why? Then, upon receiving his security clearance, he was shown documents of alien visitation, alien autopsy photos, and alien space craft, along with the schedule for test flights for these extra terrestrial craft. Why? I remember very vividly when this all came to a head back in 1989. Bob Lazar was young, brash, and arrogant. And as it turns out extremely naive.

    For me, the whole thing screams disinformation. I think Lazar worked at Los Alamos in a technical capacity but not as a physicist. Because he never was a physicist. When working on classified projects, it’s a need to know basis. Your only given information specific to your job. Yet Lazar was given the whole alien back story along with the flight schedule of these UFO’s. That just doesn’t happen. Enter John Lear who was friends with Bob Lazar. John Lear worked for the CIA, flew experimental aircraft for the government, and had a top secret security clearance. He also was head of the Nevada MUFON at the time. John Lear has always been a braggart and a talker and still had connections to the CIA and potentially sensitive information. Bob Lazar was hired because he knew John Lear. His security clearance was fast tracked so Lazar could start to funnel back all this alien nonsense to John Lear. John Lear is a nut job. Have you ever listened to some of his outlandish claims? He sounds a lot like Paul Bennewitz. Who was also given false documents and disinformation by Richard Doty. I think Lazar was used as a pawn, while Doty knowingly knew what he was doing. I don’t think Lazar’s handlers ever expected him to go public. Even still, it accomplished their goal. Area 51 and S4 is all about aliens and not about top secret advanced military aircraft. Which Lear would have known something about, military aircraft.

    One last point. While I think George Knapp is a good, honest journalist. I can’t say the same for Jeremy Corbell. Have you seen his documentary? Corbell gets almost as much screen time as Lazar. I thought when you made a documentary it’s about the subject, not about the film maker. Then Tom DeLong said he owns Lazar and his story. TTSA is more about selling stock and making money than they are about disclosure as far as I’m concerned. But that’s a different story…..

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