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Michael Cline

Video Editor, Segment Producer

michael_cline_avatar2Michael Cline has a diverse background with more than ten years of video production experience at multiple TV stations and ad agencies, along with his own freelance endeavors. A strong interest in the unknown motivates him to research, write, and edit video segments on a variety of UFO related topics.

Visit the OpenMindsTV YouTube channel to see Michael’s great work!

Open Minds UFO Video Portal

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    Good day Michael,
    I am also a veteran of post world with 12 years of post production experience editing works for Spike, NBC and CBS as well as independent works. I would love to help your group out if ever needed because for once I want my work to go toward something I believe in and is important.
    My site / examples are at bclarkified.com.
    Thank you!
    Brett Clark

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